First in iPad Line: Man Stands Since Tuesday

iPad craze becomes like the one for iPad. This New Yorker man stands in line to be the first iPad buyer. He is there since Tuesday. He goes to the train station gets some sleep and come back standing in line.

He says it's cold outside but he wants to be the first one to purchase the iPad.

Huffpost reports that man is described as a "professional line sitter." His name is Greg Packer and he is a retired highway worker from Huntington, New York.

Apparently he was also the first man to get the iPhone when it came out. Now he wants to be the first person to buy the iPad. Packer's camping area is in front of Fifth Avenue Apple Store in NYC.

Thus, if you have been thinking to one of the the first to purchase an iPad, hurry up, people are already standing in line.

Written by Armen Hareyan

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