Good Friday Quotes and SMS Messages That Uplift The Spirit

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Happy Good Friday is the most popular Good Friday quote that is being shared on Twitter this morning as a well wish and via SMS messages. However, while it's happy for the humankind as part of its salvation, Good Friday is a day of sorrow, remembering Christ's suffering, crucifixion and death.

Today the Christian world, that uses the Gregorian calendar, celebrates Good Friday and in our technology driven culture more people are using SMS messages to share Good Friday quotes and wishes. It's important to mention here the Gregorian calendar because those Christian churches and communities around the world that use the Julian calendar they will celebrate the Holy Week in about two weeks.

Very famous Christian historian and pastor from Scotland James Stalker is attributed with this beautiful Good Friday quote comparing the work of Jesus with the one of a soldier in a battlefield. "And in the article of death, as He saw the last fold of the grand design unrolled, He passed out of the world with the cry on His lips, "It is finished!" He uttered this cry as a soldier might do on the battlefield, who perceives, with the last effort of consciousness, that the struggle in which he has sacrificed his life has been a splendid victory. But the triumph and the reward of His work never come to an end; for still, as the results of what He did unfold themselves age after age, as His words sink deeper into the minds of men, as His influence changes the face of the world, and as heaven fills with those whom He has redeemed, "He shall see of the travail of His soul, and shall be satisfied."

This one in my opinion is one of the most beautiful Good Friday quotes that points out how paradoxically cross leads to liberty and freedom. Bill Hybels writes from the Willow Creek Comunity Church. "God led Jesus to a cross, not a crown, and yet that cross ultimately proved to be the gateway to freedom and forgiveness for every sinner in the world. God also asks us as Jesus' followers to carry a cross. Paradoxically, in carrying that cross, we find liberty and joy and fulfillment."

Here are two more quotes that due to their shortness can also serve as appropriate Good Friday SMS messages.

The first one is by Watchman Nee, who became a Christian in China at the age of 17 in 1920 and began writing and spreading the faith. Nee writes "Christ is the Son of God. He died to atone for men's sin, and after three days rose again. This is the most important fact in the universe. I die believing in Christ. - Note found under his pillow, in prison, at his death."

The second one is by Alfred Doblin, a German expressionist novelist, born as the son of a Jewish merchant. This may be one of the most inspiring Good Friday quotes among many others written throughout the history. "And if you ask again whether there is any justice in the world, you’ll have to be satisfied with the reply: Not for the time being; at any rate, not up to this Friday."

Written by Armen Hareyan

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