Green Gift Ideas for 2010 Father's Day

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Father's day gift ideas are abundant, but what if you want to give your father something unique. One of the trends today is to go green.

Today we present some Father's Day gift ideas from Green Homes for green living. They offer some great deals and gift certificates.

Give Dad Some Green For Father's Day!

There is a whole new generation of Dads, and there's a whole new generation of green products, so how do you choose? You don't have to with Green Home's handy dandy $25 Gift Certificates! Let Dad pick his own gifts from our extensive selection of environmentally friendly products. Green Home Gift Certificates enable the lucky recipient to shop at their leisure without an expiration date.

"A Green Home Gift Certificate gives both you and Dad a chance to make a difference in so many ways. You don't have to wrap it, you don't have to drive to the store, it's not a throwaway plastic card, and it makes sure the gift you're giving is green," reads the message sent by the company.

Green Home Gift Certificates are available $25 denominations. The electronic code arrives instantly in your inbox. You can print it, or send it in an ecard and you are done. No waiting in line, and it's guaranteed to show up by Father's Day. To learn more about Green Home's Father's Day gift ideas and the gift certificate please visit

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