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Greener Earth: Various Tree Plants You Could Grow in Your Backyard

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Trees are essential, and they are the major source of the oxygen that people need to survive.They fight against natural disasters like flooding and landslides. They help keep the soil “intact” and provide various fresh fruits that a person needs to have a nutritious body.

Written by Rebecca Nelson.

Most kids who grew up in places with trees know how fun it is to climb one or enjoy the shade under it. This is why people must put an end to cutting lots of trees through illegal means and start planting because there are children who need to experience this kind of enjoyment during their youth.

Planting various plants is a great hobby you could start now and eventually encourage other people too. It’s a very timely activity that must remain for a long time, and in that way, you are also helping create a better world. Thus, if you want a guide on which tree plants you could grow to start your gardening journey, read below.

Fiddle Leaf Figs

Fiddle leaf figs are one of the ideals you could grow in your backyard and even indoors. They are popular in many places because they make a good statement plant that could contrast to modern interior decoration. They have boldly beautiful green leaves. It would be best if you got the hang of how to take care of it because fiddle leaf figs can be a little finicky with their daily needs and maintenance.

The fiddle leaf figs are tree plants that could grow quickly and can regrow from a trimmed trunk. This kind of plant would prefer to dry out first between the next watering. If you notice that its leaves start turning brown, but the soil is moist, allow the soil to dry out first. If they are grown outdoors, they would need more watering but still allow them to dry in between watering. You would not also have a problem potting them because you could pot them at any point in the year.

Saucer Magnolia

Saucer magnolia is a total showstopper! It is beautiful and has a rounded, upright shape, and may appear as a small shrub while it is growing. When the time has come that it becomes a large tree, it could provide shade to a great area. Also, its lifespan is usually longer than 20 years, so growing them is worth the wait.

Additionally, what makes them more special is that they produce some very attractive and eye-catching pink and white-colored flowers that are usually five to ten diameters. These flowers are expected to bloom usually during late February until April. Its flowers have a pleasant scent when crushed because it has a lemon-scented fragrance.

The saucer magnolia does not need attention all the time, and they do not require any special care to grow. When you first plant a saucer magnolia, they need to be planted deep, and frequent watering is necessary to help them develop strong roots. But, after the second year of being planted, it will only need water when it experiences drought.

Green Giant Arborvitae

Privacy matters to all people. If you need to have privacy in your backyard, growing green giant arborvitae will make a good plant cover your surroundings. This kind of plant is crucial between houses in housing subdivisions as they are popular to be used as privacy screens.

Green giant arborvitae is a hardy, fast-growing plant, has a beautiful conical shape, and could tolerate any soil they are planted into. Its lifespan usually reaches up to 40 years, so they make a good investment and perfect for long-term use when privacy is talked about, not to mention, they are eco-friendly.

Caring for them is not that hard, and they would do better in well-drained soil, but that is not a requirement for them to grow as beautiful as they could be. Also, applying a layer of mulch in the plant’s base could help retain the moisture that the plant needs to protect its roots from weather conditions that may be harsh on them. This plant makes the best screen for a backyard to have privacy.

American Holly

If green giant arborvitae is good for keeping privacy, the American holly tree is perfect to be a landscape plant and is also used as a medicinal herb. The foliage of this plant produces berries too that birds could eat on when they get hungry. They even make a good ornamental beauty in your yard with their glossy green, spiny leaves and red berries.

An American holly would prefer to be planted in moist, acidic, and loose soil. Also, you must grow them in a place where they may receive sunlight so that their berry production will be more. If you have no space in growing them in a full sun area, a partial shade would still do. This plant will also not tolerate poorly drained areas, so make sure you keep that in mind when growing them.

Tulip Tree

Tulip trees are good to be shade trees or ornamental trees. It has pretty tulip-shaped flowers that bloom during springtime and grow in yellow shades during the fall season. Also, their flowers could easily attract bees and hummingbirds, so it’s the perfect tree if you want to attract pollinators to your landscape.

In a year, a tulip tree could grow more than two feet. Ensure that plants like this must have access to water because they cannot tolerate drought and provide a generous amount of space around it since this tree will grow very tall and branch out up to at least 40 feet.


Growing plants, even not as big as trees, could create a huge difference in creating a greener earth. They are beautiful and bring a lot of benefits to people and all the living things on this earth. Refer above to some plants you could grow that are ideal for your backyard or even indoors.

Rebecca Nelson is a freelance writer and an occasional contributor.

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