Grilled Chicken vs Fried Chicken: Which is Healthier?

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Nutritionist shares experience ahead of the National Nutrition Month on how many calories you will save if making the right choice between grilled chicken and fried chicken.

Spring cleaning isn’t just for the household; it’s for the body as well! Eating healthy doesn’t require extreme dieting or complex food regimens, it’s as simple as making smart choices when more tempting options are available.

Next Month, March, is National Nutrition Month. In honor of National Nutrition Month, Sharon Roth Maguire, a geriatric nurse practitioner and Senior Vice President of Quality and Clinical Operations for BrightStar Care® has provided 5 tips for leading a healthy lifestyle through smart meal choices:

Grill is the Name of the Game: Properly picking how to prepare your poultry can have big implications in regards to calorie, carbohydrate and fat intake. Choosing grilled chicken over fried can save you nearly 100 calories and 10 grams of fat on average.

Drink Your Calories Wisely: There are a plethora of calorie-laden beverage choices, so don’t fall for consuming extra empty calories. While water reigns supreme as the healthiest way to quench your thirst, taking your coffee with low-fat milk instead of cream or cutting down on sugar in your tea are easy ways to cut back on calories. Not to mention tea and coffee are both rich in antioxidants.

Mustard Over Mayo: When it comes to condiment decisions, mustard over mayo should be the mantra. “Mustard has virtually no calories,” says Maguire. “On the other hand mayo packs a punch of nearly 10 grams of fat per serving. Even low-fat mayo is the losing choice when compared to mustard.”

It’s All in the Sides: The accompaniments to your entrée can have a big impact on your overall meal. “A good rule of thumb when picking side dishes is to include at least three different colors on your plate,” says Maguire. “For instance, a side of sautéed spinach and glazed carrots will add more balance to your plate than choosing mashed potatoes and a biscuit.”

Screen for Ice Cream: Everyone deserves a treat now and then but why not choose a diet abiding dessert to satisfy your sweet tooth? When selecting your favorite frozen snack, be sure to check the labels for sugar and fat content as there can be a distinct discrepancy among brands. Also, don’t forget frozen yogurt is another figure-friendly way to indulge a little bit.

“Eating healthy is a lifestyle,” says Maguire. “When you incorporate smart meal options into your daily routine, healthy lifestyle choices become a habit. Sometimes it’s as simple as making slight modifications to your diet and choosing certain ingredients over others.” In addition, Maguire notes “Awareness, as in awareness of what you’re eating, is a big first step. Understanding how to read nutrition labels on food products is an important way to make better and certainly more informed choices.”

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