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How to arrange a children's room: 4 creative tips

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Child room decoration ideas

Childrens' room is a very important place for every kid. Here he or she spends most of the time playing, studying, creating or sleeping; this is a place where first dreams appear.

It is very important to design the room in a way so that the child feels comfortable and happy to live in it. Here you will find suggestions and tips that will help you properly arrange space and create a perfect room for your child.

First of all, do your best to make optimal use of a room space.

All the necessary furniture must fit in the room , but there should remain enough free space to play. The good idea will be to “zone” the room for playing, sleeping and studying areas. Each zone should be designed for a particular activity and have an appropriate furniture. You can highlight each zone with different color, for example, make walls in a sleeping corner of a pastel blue tint, paint the study zone with energizing green and leave bright fresh colors for the play space. Doing home assignments requires certain concentration, especially if you do not want your child to cheat on exams or ask essay writing services for help in the future, so try not to overload the child's workplace with unnecessary decorations. Let there be only a convenient table, a comfortable chair and nice bookshelves.

Creative tip:

Hang a small blackboard on the door or wall in your child’s room to awaken the desire for studying in your kid. With this blackboard school homework will turn into fun and interesting activity.

The furniture in a children’s room should be safe, durable and compact.

The best choice would be a transformer pieces, since it will help you to adjust a table or a bed to your growing child. For example, you can use a chair or a bookcase with regulated height, a functional bed with built-in drawers or a puzzle-like small table and puffs. Besides, such furniture will help you to save place in the room and add some creative look to the interior.

Creative tip:

If the child’s room is big enough, you can get special furniture with play elements, such as swings or sliders and add a little sport complex that will allow your child develop athletic skills and make leisure time active. For toddlers you may get some frameless furniture pieces, such as soft building kit or bean bag chairs.

The children’s room should have a good lighting, both natural and artificial - big windows, good curtains, bright lamps, sconces and light spots.

There must be no dark corners in the room, however, the lighting should not be intrusive. Say no to the fluorescent lamps, because their bright light will make additional eyestrain for your kid. Choose lamps with warm diffused light, a good choice would make halogen or so-called “sunlight” lamps. The switch must be located on an accessible height for the child. Put a nightlight near the bed and table lamp on the workplace, and make sure there is enough of lighting during the playing time.

Creative tip:

Decorate the ceiling with LED lights and drawings - the view of a starry sky will have a relaxing effect on your child. Also you can use decorative lampshades or toy-shaped lamps for creative design of the room.

The color scheme of the room is another important thing.

As the wallpaper will surround your child all the time, the psychologists recommend to choose soft pastel shades, especially if your child is under 5 years old. For girls the right wallpaper colors are light blue or light pink and for boys are suitable the light green or yellow. For kids between 6 and 11 are recommended bright colors with the images of simple geometric shapes.

Creative tip:

Each parent knows how much kids like to draw on walls. To keep the walpapers safe and your child pleased, make a special paper screen at the height of your kid. Now, when your child wants to draw something, he or she will not spoil the wallpaper and will realize the creative imagination on the paper.

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