How Can Realtors Combat Client Emotion and Irrational Decisions

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Have you ever had a client make an irrational decision based on emotion that leaves you shaking your head in wonder? How do you talk someone down when they are acting out of fear, anger or frustration? I have been dealt with this situation 3 days this week, which made me wonder, am I a Realtor or a counselor? The answer is both.

After first checking to see if this week was a full moon, I collected my thoughts and took a deep breath. One client upset because family issues had pushed him to think the whole family was teaming against him in the sale of the family estate, led me to suggest a family meeting to clear the air. Reluctant at first, it took two days of my prodding before they agreed to at least speak to one another to come to resolution.

The second situation arose over a small home repair request that hit the nerve of my seller. What seemed to be a reasonable request led to a heated conversation about walking away and not moving forward with the sale of the home.

I just felt like something more was behind the issue, so after much discussion, I finally asked my client what would make them happy? After I was told, and it was something I could take care of (although not really in my place to do), I asked if they would mind if I just did what they requested. They didn't care who took care of it, so I replied with done. I bit the bullet, took the high road and did what I needed to do to make my client satisfied and calm.

I remember in real estate school that my teacher had warned us about the strange things we would once see, and she was right. Part counselor, part agent we wear many hats to keep our business going.

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