How You Can Sell Homes Faster By Making A Story Around Each Listing

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Real Estate agents will probably agree that sometimes descriptions on home listings are very dull or boring. They are simply not exciting. How can we make them compelling? One example from House Call gives us a hint.

Today I was surfing the web for real estate stories and ideas and saw a very interesting story by about a beautiful mobile home. It is already sold and the interior design idea that decorated this mobile home near Los Angeles, CA served the base for the story.

See how they titled the story: Touring a $45k Mobile Home Filled With Kitsch in Eagle Rock. When you see a title like that it immediately compels you to click on it and read it. It's a simple story about a single mobile home, which cheap and designed in such a beautiful way so that it earned the editor's attention.

This one-paragraph excerpt from the story can give us an idea on how our descriptions can be written so that they complement the pictures in a very exciting way.

"Buying a house in Los Angeles can be a daunting, if not downright impossible. But when Brandie and Brendan got fed up with their previous rental in Koreatown, a little outside-the-box thinking brought them to a quiet trailer park just off Colorado Boulevard in Eagle Rock. Some may scoff at the idea of trailer park living, but these two might be getting the last laugh. Turns out, in this housing market, buying a 950-square-foot mobile home can be a better deal than renting an apartment. With its close proximity to Eagle Rock's main drag and an ample collection of Elvis memorabilia, this could be the beginning of a Millennial mobile home movement."

What can Realtors learn from this example?

When you do guest articles in other real estate related blogs to raise your authority level in the eyes of search engines, consider making them really interesting, by writing a story about a particular apartment, house or a mobile home that you are selling. What's the story behind this house? How can you interest the city residents in that house. Even if they are not buying a house, how can you interest them to read your story or your blog post? In this case they will always read your stories because they are interesting and compelling.

Even if they are not a house buyer today, they will come to you when they are ready to buy or sell a home in a year or five.

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