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Real estate is not rocket since, in some ways it’s harder.

I spent 35 years in Houston living, working and teaching near the Johnson Space Center and the astronaut training facilities at Ellington Field. I counted many “rocket scientists” among my friends and acquaintances. While it is no small feat to send someone to outer space, not to mention the moon, and bring them back safely, there was more hard science in the endeavor than dealing with the whims of people and idiosyncrasies of used houses.

Being successful over the long haul in real estate requires exceptional competence in a wide variety of tangible subjects. It also requires top notch people skills. Don’t forget the skill of making a deal and getting it to close so both sides are happy.

We are professionals who are undervalued. TV shows don't always help our image and often paint it in a negative light.

I’ll put what it takes to be successful in real estate up against most of professions. And there is no easy money here; we only get paid if we close.

When you look at how many capable people start out in real estate and drop out, give yourself a pat on the back if you are still surviving and hopefully thriving in this business.

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