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How Google Maps New Layout Effects Real Estate Listings

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Google Map for Real Estate

Late last week Google launched it's new Google Map search results, which every real estate agent should check out. It now highlights Realtor reviews by star rating filter.

Check out the new live Google Maps layout, which the giant search engine has been testing for a while now and see how your house for sale listings appear there. Now the searcher will be able to get to results much faster if your listings appear there.

This is what Google has changed.

The scrollable search results pane on the left is now much cleaner and I would add, tighter. Now, if someone is searching for an apartment for rent or for a house for sale in your market, he or she can easily click on the apartments and houses that appear on the results page, then can quickly zoom in and read more.

Here is what a searcher will see when, for example, searching for a 3 bedroom apartment for rent in NYC.

Here is what it shows on the left when you zoom on the apartment of your choice and look on the left side.

Some have commented in search engine forums that they are not huge fans of the new listings results, how about you? Do your listings appear in Google Map and does the way they show help the potential house buyer or a renter to contact you easier and quicker?

I personally like them, but it seems like the images, vital for real estate queries, get cropped sometimes. But I like that you can search the results and filter the reviews by stars. This sends us a message to pay attention what star-rating your home buyers leave for your agency in Google Map.

Last week Google also revealed one little piece of information, which real estate agents can use to improve their listings' position in search engine results. Google also gave another recommendations which your webmaster needs to know, if you are not the manager of your blog.

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