How To Handle When a Home Seller Withdraws The Listing

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In the midst of a busy day filled with real estate activities of every stripe, from an inspection to a withdrawal to a first meeting and showing with a new buyer client, I wanted to share a piece of it with my peers.

The obvious bummer of the day was the "listing withdrawal" meeting. When I arrived at the home and readied myself, I closed my eyes and reminded myself to have grace. Market conditions are not working in the favor of this seller and they have grown weary of the process.

Understanding, and if they can hang in there and allow the market to catch up with them they will be better served - and lose less. Nonetheless, it is hard - at least for me - not to take this a bit personally. And so the reminder to be my best self - understanding, professional and --- graceful --- was what I wanted to carry into the meeting.

It was a good one - and conducting it in such a way allowed everyone in the room to feel fairly treated and allowed me to move on in my day without feeling defeated.

The seller has much to consider - and it was my assurance as I left them that I wanted to share. I encouraged them to touch base with me if their circumstances changed and reassured them that I would provide honest feedback and guidance so they would b positioned to accomplish what they hoped to do without negative recourse -- even if that meant they were selling or renting on their own.

After our final shake, I said to them, "I am here to help - I am not here to do harm".

I lost the listing - but not my "joy" or respect for myself --- and I think that I retained theirs as well.

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