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How To Make People Feel Good in Your Presence and Stop Warring

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Thaddeus of Vitovnica

When you change your thoughts, the thoughts of people around you change too. This is amazing and nothing short of a miracle. Here is how this happens naturally.

I am reading an interesting book called Our Thoughts Determine Our lives. It's about the life and teachings of Elder Thaddeus of Vitovnica (1914-2003, Serbiain monk). It's an easy and good read. I highly recommend this book for anyone, especially those who seek spiritual life.

In the chapter On Prayer father Thaddeus gives a very interesting recipe on how to stop warring among people and how to radiate peace and tranquility in people around you. As a result they feel better in your presence.

Here is what father Thadddeus writes on pages 116-117.

When we think about a certain person often, we begin to love that person. Do you understand? It is impossible to love a person if we do not pay any attention to him for a long time an do not think about him.

Then one paragraph later he writes the following.

When we seek the Lord, our heart begins to burn. The heart is warmed, and if our thoughts are concentrated in one point and the concentration is powerful, then the flame of the heart grows stronger and stronger, and we do everything from the heart. After that we see things around us changing - people's thoughts also start to change - all because of the peace that radiates from us. We see the thoughts of people around us actually changing! They feel good in our presence. Perhaps they had been at war with us before, but now they feel us radiating peace. As for us, we now no longer return "an eye for an eye," but rather good and kind thoughts. We are no longer at war with them; we have stopped the warfare. What we want is peace. When there are two warring sides, one side has to back down for the sake of peace. We are that side. The Lord has, after all, commanded us to love our enemies.

This is how positive and loving thoughts can change us and people around us.