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I Hope All Home Sellers Will Read This Before Listing Their House For Sale

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Home for Sale

Today a fellow real estate agent posted a short message on Active Rain discussing how important it is to get ready your house for sale before you list it and things you shouldn't do and thus dump money into the trash.

Anne Townes, a real estate agent from West Chester, PA, has this advice for all home sellers.

"Many Sellers do not take the time to look at preparing their home before they lis to sell. Getting your home "show ready" is of the utmost important. Listen to the Pros!

"Realtors know what works and what doesn't. Not doing something that has been advised by your Professional Realtor is like dumping money into the trash. Being lazy about spending money for repairs, putting furniture into storage or boxing up all the personals are all examples of bad ideas."

Townes, who works with both home sellers and buyers, can be reached at 610 587 7793.

Indeed, "if sellers and their listing agents would remember that "the eye buys," more homes would sell quickly and for more money. This is such a simple phrase to remember," comments Barbara Todaro, of Franklin MA Homes.

Carol Wiliams has a useful suggestion. She writes that "some agents don't even have the gumption to make the proper recommendations. Those who do will have far greater success in getting their listings sold." Wiliams is a real estate consultant from Wenatchee, WA, helping realtors and offering Real Estate Goal Setting consultation.

Truly, if you want to successfully sell your house, it isn't just simply putting a sign in the yard. There is much work to be done in regard to preparing your house before putting a property or apartment on the market.


Good morning, Armen....thank you for quoting my favorite phrase in real estate marketing. "the eye buys" says it all, and if homeowners and agents would remember that phrase, homes would sell faster and for a top price. It's a very phrase to remember, and it's very powerful. Thanks again Armen.

Good morning dear Barbara, Thank you and it is indeed a very good quote and straight to the point. Thank you and have a blessed day. I hope other realtors and home sellers find it useful as well.

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