The Joy of a Christian is the Certitude of Being Loved and Expected

Christian Joy of Pope Francis

How was your Christmas? Was it filled with joy and do you believe that God the donor is always there?

Recently I read a very interesting short essay in a European publication in which the joy of a Christian is seen in a belief that God the donor is always there and that we just need to let Him do the work with us.

A truly succinct and straight to the point description of a Christian joy, where the true security of our lives comes from Him. The security and peace of our lives come from God the donor if we believe and put our faith in him. Did you experience this joy during Christmas? Or was it only about shopping, gifts and family gatherings?

The following is a reflection on the story, originally published in La-Croix few days ago in French.

For a Christian person, having a faith means the ability to accept the test, to accept the temptation when it comes. Some evangelists tell that you will have a rich and prosperous life if you have faith in Jesus. Certainly, this was not the case with the twelve disciples.

Look at the vitality of life under the Arctic ice. Isn't it miraculous how the flowers are flourishing? These moments of grace are given in silence. Ask yourself, "Am I open to the beauty of these amazing beings and things?" Having faith, means believing that a special and unseen effort sustains the world and prevents it from falling into the abyss of hatred and violence. Having faith, means participating in the this very effort, by taking care of everything that tried to germinate and co-create. Having faith is to believe that when we fall we are called to rise again.

Faith is about expectations, promises and confidence. Having the Christian joy and peace is to live with the certainty and with unconditional love. It's the knowledge that you are loved and expected by Someone who gave you life. That Higher Being expects you for an ultimate reunion, for an unconstrained return. These expectations and feelings are all founded in the confidence of a Christian person.

God - that is what we celebrated two days ago - came to dwell among us. He simply assumed our entire human nature and this itself is a source of great hope. Now I know that I am not alone. He will join me when I fall, as long as I lay at his feet. He will join me in my worries, my anger, my pain, my shame, my confusion, my inability to pray.

The only thing I have to do is to let me join with Him where I am. The peace and healing will be just perfect. The joy is beyond all understanding. The joy of a Christian that crosses many psalms, is to believe that God the donor, who is the joy of love is still there for us despite our detours and constant refusals. This joy, as the article concludes, is relational by nature, open to others.

It is never late to seek and experience this relationship of joy and peace. As long as you live, you have the time. The thing is, we never know when the time will be taken from us. While you have it, use it wisely, says apostle Paul. Experience the relationship with Jesus. Get to know Him and open your heart for Him to enter and do the work of formation. So that when the journey here ends you know Him and He knows you, waiting with open arms.