Neighbors' Kindness Overwhelms an Autistic Teen With Love

Caring for each other

Love is kindness and you know this, but do you know how a small action of altruistic love and care can inspire your neighbor? See how this community didn't forget an Autistic neighbor during gift-sharing and transformed the parent to inspire many.

This morning I read a very inspiring message in an Autism group, which literally reads the following. Sabrina Wilson Lambert from South Carolina writes:

"I am so very overwhelmed with the love that has been shown in my small town towards my girl (16 year old Autism). We have found Barbies in the mailbox for her and people stopping us on the road to give her little gifts that they saw and thought she would like. It's not about the gifts or the amount of money that any of it cost, it is about people taking time to THINK about my girl... I just wanted to share, there are GOOD PEOPLE left in this world. I hope that each of you had a great Christmas. Do you receive these random acts of kindness towards your 'special' child?"

No doubt, comments poured in after this status update. Candy Jubb, a parent of four autistic kids from New South Wales in Australia replied that while they can't really take their 4 autistic children with them anywhere, their neighbors who knew they weren't able to see family this year came over on Christmas Day dressed as Santa and gave each of the kids a gift and us too. "Then they came back with loads of food. Geez I love these new neighbors of mine," she adds.

"My son has been out of school for more than a month with stomach issues. The students in one of his classes (mainstream) asked their teacher if they could make him a get-well poster. They said such awesome things on there about how much they missed him and liked him. It was great. Still brings tears to my eyes," writes Diana Digles from Maryland.

Yet another parent of a child with Autism commented about a church member who bought her a gift while being out of town. This is indeed touching.

Sometimes you don't receive regards like these for your children. But it's OK. The joy is not only receiving. Believe me there is a true joy in giving. Giving to those who need you. You may not have much money and even may be living in affordable housing, but if you can brighten someone's day by small gestures then why not?

Keep helping each other friends, sharing love and care. Keep in mind that you are your brother's keeper in this world. Life at times seems difficult, but so good when acts of kindness like these are shared among us.

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