This is Perhaps The Worst Harmful Influence on Your Children in 60 Seconds

Bad influence on children

Parents, you may be mistaken if you think that TV, violent video games or magazines with inappropriate pictures of human beings are the worst influence on your children. Look at this 60-second video and it will forever change the way you see yourself and how you may be the worst influence on your children.

You will see how important it is to choose your parental actions wisely, to manage your time wisely and to manage your possessions wisely because your children see you as the model to follow and will copy everything you do and everything you say.

Parents can see it in this short, but very powerful and striking video. In fact, since January of 2014, more than five million people have watched this video. Hopefully many of the viewers have changed their behavior when needed.

Instead of making these mistakes, learn to be the best influence on your children.