Peru Does Something Really Nice for Its Poor with Solar Energy

Peru solar power for poor

Love the poor around you with real actions not by words and Peru's recent program to provide solar energy for its 2 million poor people is worth taking a closer look.

The news was announced in June, but resurfaced again in the past few days spreading in popular media ranging from Huffington Post to Digital Journal.

The National Photovoltaic Household Electrification Program, which was announced in June of 2013 aims to provide energy to two million people using solar power by 2016. Peru's Energy and Mining Minister Jorge Merino said this solar program is aimed at the poorest people of his country. These are people who still use oil lamps and spend a lot of their resources to pay for different types of fuel to bring visual light into their houses. This, of course, harms their health, said Merino in June of 2013.

I value the above sentence that he said. This to me shows a concern about people, about their health. I don't know about the politics in Peru, but like it a lot when politicians show concern and take actions to improve people's lives, especially the poor.

Results are already coming. In July of 2013 Peru reported that the program had already provided solar energy to 10,000 people in its Ayabaca and MorropĆ³n regions.

It seems that Peru is doing a really good job for its poor. Earlier this month United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) reported that Peru has recorded the 4th highest poverty reduction rate in region. Poverty in Peru has shrunk from 27.8% in 2011 to 25.9% in 2012. Venezuela and Ecuador are the other two leaders, according to Andina Agency.

To provide Solar Energy to nearly 2 million poor people in Peru, the government plans to install nearly 12,500 photovoltaic systems. This cost will range between 200 to 250 million US dollars and will bring electric power to 500,000 families.

I am excited to report a news development like this because in my opinion this is a true action to show care and love for the people who lack access to light. By honoring the poor we will enable them to fulfill the plans that God has for them.

Our world, you and I should do much more to help, encourage, motivate and honor the poor people, our brothers and sisters. Let's revisit our approach on how we view our "neighbors." Do we judge the people with money as more important and people without money as less important or do we see all people equally important because of their image and likeness and their potential for great calling?

Let's always see the poor, the disabled and the outcast through the eyes of the One who made them. Love and honor them like Him.

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