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Please Don't Abuse Your Free Will, It's Given For a Different Purpose

Armen Hareyan's picture

Dear brothers and sisters, it seems to me that all people are given a fair chance to come to know God in their lifetimes due to all having a free will, but we see that many abuse it. Yet, the free will is given for a different purpose.

Your free will is given to you so you can use it and come to know your Creator, your true parent, whom we call Our Father...

Our Father doesn't want computers or slaves, but has created us with free will and has called the entire creation "good." He loves us and wants a relationship with us filled with love. There is no coercion in that relationship. There is no force.

In fact, if He wanted, he could have just made all of us to worship him unceasingly. He could have done it with force. Yet, He doesn't want any coercion in this relationship.

If we didn't have the free will, we would not know if we are truly free or just made as slaves to worship and pray when He pleases so. Instead, He created us free and showed His enormous love to us.

He gave us the free will and put us in a garden especially planted for our well being. Instead, we chose another paradise without God and with us being in the center. Then He said, OK, here I set life and death in front of you, but choose life and you will live. Deuteronomy 30:19-20.

Brothers and sisters, don't abuse your free will, but use it wisely and choose life.