This Puppy Imitates a Siren She Hears

Funny Puppy

This dog is very funny. I laughed really hard when I heard this dog imitating a siren as she hears it.

Once I heard a very spiritual man saying that there are four things in this world with which we should live in harmony. The first one is God. The second is the environment. The third are the people around us. The forth is with ourselves.

As the second one is living in harmony with the environment it also includes dogs, cats, trees, grass, fish and all the creatures. We are all in some mysterious ways are connected to one another, sharing this life.

When I saw this dog imitating the siren I realized how much we are connected to each other and how differently creatures like dogs can perceive this life and the surroundings around them despite perceptions about the animals by millions of people.

This dog's behavior is not only innocently funny, but also very telling.

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