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Real Estate Agent Tells When She Fired a Buyer

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Vashon Christian Realtor

Fire Your Buyer! Real Estate agents might ask themselves why would I want to do that. I will tell you, one great reason is something we call peace of mind.

Posturing is important in any business. I know as a buyer's agent what I bring to the table and I'm clear that I have to want to work with a client as much as they want to work with me. A buyer can fire me and I can fire a buyer and have done so. My soft approach to firing a buyer is referring them to someone else, but there has been times that i have clearly told a buyer, "I don't think we are a good fit" and that you may be better served by someone else.

True story

I had a buyer that was very demanding and demeaning, ran me all around the city looking at every four family there ever was, refusing to put an offer on any of them and then we he did, it was a very low offer. Finally we get a seller willing to negotiate and this buyer would not even counter their counter offer after low balling them. Needless to say, I fired that buyer and it was the best feeling in the world! Fast forward, two years later, I had a four family listed and guess who stops by, the buyer that I fired and yes he was still looking! Can we say "dodged a bullet" boys and girls.

Most recently I had to fire a buyer because he waited to the last minute to tell me he was not closing a cash transaction. This situation was a little more complicated and this issue caused a ton of headaches as well as costing me money out of my own pocket to resolve the situation amicably. Ultimately, what I did was refer him to someone else but he actually ended up asking me to lunch and pleading his case. We have been back working together for the past year and it has been great. He understand that I will flip hamburgers in McDonalds first before I deal with demeaning and unethical clients or before I compromise my integrity or put my reputation at risk.

My father is a mechanic, he told me a long time ago that he doesn't want everyone's money and I must say neither do I!

Vashon Christian is a Realtor at Reinvest Consultants.
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