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Here is What Google Wants You To Do To Improve Your Real Estate Blog

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Google Panda for Real Estate

Recently there was another Panda upgrade of search engine results by Google and some of your real estate or mortgage related websites' traffic may have been hurt or have registered an upward traffic.

Google generally doesn't recommend to remove lower quality pages, but rather to edit them and improve them. Do you do this? If yes, how do you improve old lower quality pages of your website to make it relevant today?

Here is what Garry Illyes of Google tweeted regarding this.

What he is saying is that instead of you deleting older pages from your real estate blogs or sites, you need to improve those pages. Removing pages creates 404 errors which is not good for your site. But improving low quality pages improves your overall site's rankings and your listings will potentially be seen by more potential homebuyers.

How do you think you can improve your old listing pages or other pages from your website?


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