Tweets, Images show George Clooney Arrested Protesting Genocide

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Reports and Tweets from the Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA) confirm that actor George Clooney was arrested minutes ago protesting against genocide in Washington DC.

The protest was planned in front of the Sudanese Embassy in the nation's capital. According to the Guardian, Clooney "Intended to be arrested" in a Washington, DC demonstration hoping to raise awareness about the human rights violations in Sudan and genocide in general.

The angi-genocide rally in front of the Sudanese embassy was also attended by Rep. McGovern (D-MA). Clooney was also joined by his father journalist Nick Clooney, US Representative Jim Moran of Virginia and NAACP president Ben Jealous.

The Guardian reports that the actor blocked the entrance to the Sudanese embassy. ANCA, tweets the cause of the arrest is "civil disobedience."

According to the Asbarez News' Facebook page, the Armenian National Committe, whose goal is to raise awareness of the Armenian Genocide, denied since it occurred in 1915 by the Ottoman Turkish, also was the "co-sponsor" of this anti-genocide rally. The rally was sponsored by United to End Genocide.

At the time of his arrest George Clooney was speaking before a large number of supporters saying "we need immediate humanitarian aid into Sudan before it becomes the worst humanitarian crisis in the world." The organizers called on the Sudanese authorities in to "stop randomly killing its own innocent men, women and children. Stop raping them, and stop starving them."

Clooney had recently returned from the region and was spending his time telling the stories of the grim humanitarian situation in Sudan's Nuba mountains region. The activists who support this rally are trying to make sure no other genocide is perpetrated after the Armenian Genocide, the Jewish Holocost and Darfur.

"We should not allow the tragedy of Darfur to be repeated. Hundreds of thousands of people died before the international community and United States took action. The question for the people in the Nuba Mountains and Blue Nile is will the U.S. government act now, or will the response be too little, too late," states United to End Genocide Director of Global Partnerships Niemat Ahmadi who is originally from Darfur, Sudan.

Image source: ANCA Facebook Profile

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