Using PPC with Adwords for Real Estate Lead Generation

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Real Estate Lead Generation with PPC

According to comScore about 54 percent of Americans have substituted the Internet and local search for phone books and this is a new opportunity for Real Estate agents for lead generation. PPC campaigns with Adword is only one aspect of it.

If your local home sellers and buyers start their first move by using the search engines, it's good to be there and put your business in front of their eyes when they search for results. Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns are very popular and they are the most money-makers for any search engines. They are also very popular with major real estate companies.

Search anything related to real estate and you will see number of ads on the top and the right side of your search results. If you have noticed, these ads are highly targeted in relation to the searched phrase. In Google they are coming from Google's top money maker program called Googel Adwords and served through Google Adsense.

How Can Google Adwords Serve Real Estate Lead Generation

If you are a real estate agent, go to Google Trends and search anything related to your local real estate market. I went there and searched Homes for Sale in Charlotte, NC. Now, please consider the screenshot below. You can see how over time, more and more people go to Google and search exactly the same phrase.

The image shows you that "Homes for Sale in Charlotte, NC" is a highly targeted keyphrase related to your local housing market. Imagine if you are a real estate agent in Charlotte, NC and you could show your listings to these people. How much would you be willing to pay for that? How much would you be willing to pay for each click from a person who is searching for "houses for sale in Charlotte NC", if you are a realtor in that market? Would you be willing to pay .50 cents per click, or perhaps a dollar per click?

This is what Google Adwords does for you. You can start by researching phrases related to your market by using the Google's Keyword Planner and target those phrases through Google Adwords. This, or similar services from Bing and Yahoo! can be highly effective ways to general real estate leads.

3 things for consideration when using PPC for Real Estate

  • Before the Click: Target your keyphrases very well.
  • After the Click: Check your Return on Investment (ROI).
  • Your Landing Page

If your keyphrases are not closely targeted you will end up paying for clicks that are, of course, not highly targeted. Therefore, you ROI will be somewhat negative. If your targeted keyphrases are closely relevant to people's searches, your ROI will be positive. Highly competitive keyphrases are expensive, but you can find out the prices by using Google's Keyword Planner. Your landing page should be so attractive that visitors intuitively leave their contact information or pick up the phone and call your number.

PPC campaigns are not the only ways to generate real estate leads. Blogging in various high quality real estate websites and doing Social Media marketing are the other ways that can complement this type of advertising. However, PPC is one of the most commonly used ways to generate leads and it has been growing year by year since mid 1990s.

This type of campaign has a tremendous potential for real estate lead generation.


I have found by including a phone number in my posts that I am getting calls from folks searching on their movile devices. It matters not what the topic was I wrote about, they are calling me as the resource and expert.

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