Wanna Buy the Village of Johnsonville, CT?

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Johnsonville, CT Auction

This close to Halloween someone ought to buy an entire village complete with a quaint church, post office, covered bridge and a restaurant. These buildings and the entire 62 acre village are scheduled to be auctioned off on October 28th.

I am referring to Johnsonville, Connecticut. Have you read about this ghost town? According to its history this unusual village which once housed an active, successful mill, was abandoned when the mill shut down.
Early in the 1960s the entire town was purchased. The buyer planned to create a tourist attraction. He had, however, a dispute over zoning. There was not apparently, an adequate water supply and no sewers.

Imagine the 15 acre pond and waterfall and still a shortage of water. The little village with its general store, meeting house and brick single family homes remained vacant.

The first buyer died in late 1960 and the village remained ghostly until 1998. After much negotiation and LLC, MJABC bought Johnsonville in 2001. This firm had plans to modernize and build townhomes. The listing price at that time, was $3,000,000.

The city of East Haddam in which this unique village exists is almost equal distance from the active cities of New Haven on the south and Waterbury on the West.

Today Johnsonville is being offer for auction with a starting bid of $8,000,000. I do not know the status of the sewers or the water supply. You can find this and more information on line. Simply go to Auction.com on October 28, 2014.

This is not a “trick or treat” joke. This is for real. Is it for you?

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