What do you do when Realtor sends you an offer with little or no contact

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Have you ever received an Offer to Purchase with little or no contact from the real estate agent sending?

I received one offer to purchase this week with only the address listed in the email subject line, and nothing but the agents name. No sentence of pleasantries, no information about the agent or anything, Just an attachment. My first instinct was that it was a virus and I wasn't going to risk opening. But what if, just what if, it was legit.

Not wanting to miss a possible sale, I investigated the agent on MLS to verify they were in fact an agent. Then I looked up their phone and email and made the call. "Hi _____, this is Melissa Zimmerman with Berkshire Hathaway, and I just wanted to verify you had sent me an Offer to Purchase on my listing?" He seemed stunned to think I wouldn't have taken his email seriously. He didn't realize it looked like a virus. I asked if he realized he sent nothing but his name and the attachment, and he simply stated "Yes, nothing more is really necessary..."

Let me be the first to tell you why a little more is necessary. I had multiple offers. Ones with nice pleasant phone calls or emails letting me know they were submitting an offer. True it doesn't make it a guarantee that you are still not receiving a virus, but the little effort extended makes it a little more likely. Not just that, picture two identical offers received. One from a seemingly nice agent and one from one who makes not one effort to speak to you. Who would you recommend?

Little pleasantries may not be needed in this business, but they speak volumes. Be professional, be courteous, and most of all... be pleasant agents. It makes our job easier and more enjoyable all the way around.

Melissa Zimmerman
Real Estate Agent / Huntersville, NC
Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Carolinas Realty

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