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The Risk When 12 Year Olds Pick The House

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Teenagers and house buying

I have a 6 and 8 year-olds in school as I type this post. When I was growing up we moved frequently and believe it or not, I survived. I have fond memories of my childhood (mostly) and attended high school at the same place - thankfully. During our moves my parents never once sat down with me and said, "Honey, where would you like to move and which house is best for you?" I wasn't paying the mortgage, and In my house the grown-ups made about all the decisions. I guess times have changed.

Even some of my best friends “ask” their 11 year old’s about which neighborhood is acceptable to them prior to making a move. I completely disagree with giving a child that much control over a family. I have less respect for people in general who cave into their child’s every single request or demand. I just wasn’t raised with the luxury of waiving my hand and trumping my parent’s decisions. It's probably why l left the family nest at 18 and have been self-sufficient ever since.

Everyone once in a while I’ll meet a buyer who really loves a neighborhood but tells me they can’t move forward because their pubescent-iPhone-Bieber loving 13 year old doesn’t have “all her friends living in that neighborhood.”

We’ve really become a nation of pansies in my humble opinion. My kids will never tell me where we can or cannot buy a home. They can make new friends. Period. Now if when they get older they want to buy me a home then that's a different story all together.

These same parents will be enslaved to their kids at every corner of their upbringing if you really want my opinion. That said, I think it’s important to keep kids in the same high school at a minimum. Other than that, live your life mom and dad! Junior and Sally can watch reality shows & play Xbox. Life will be fine.

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Hi Greg, I agree with you that children, since they are still children and don't pay the mortgage, should not be allowed to make a decision on house buying. I grew up like that too and learned to respect and accept my parents' decisions. Perhaps it's OK to ask their opinion, but they should know that in a family there are questions where it's the parental prerogative to make decisions.

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