When Open House Yields No Results

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Last Sunday I held an open house in a three year old beautiful single family home in Maple Lawn, Maryland. What did I do wrong?

The first 1 1/2 hours were uneventful. Ok no one came. The last 30 minutes I had one neighbor which just moved a year before to a townhouse and wanted to get ideas for her basement. Another person came to see for her daughter who had a budget of $300,000 under the price of my open house. Unfortunately she did not want to give me her daughter's info so I gave her my card. Another family came to see the house for a third time but had an agent from my office.

The last person came at exactly 3:00 when I started to close up shop. She is renting in the neighborhood and she loves the house. She apologized that she came so late and wished that her husband who travels 90% of the time was able to see the house. So of course I told her to bring him and kids by and I will wait for them.

Long story short. They loved the house. They said they will discuss and call me to let me know what they are thinking.

We hugged exchanged phone numbers, emails, etc

I emailed, called and texted and never heard back from her.

I always thought I can read people, but I am so surprised that I was so wrong.

What did I do wrong?

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