Why did God choose the humble thornbush to speek with Moses

Burnins Bush

Stories are great ways to convey a message. Sometimes a little humor in a story is even a great way to to get the message across to an audience.

A pagan once asked Rabbi Joshua ben Qarehah, "Why, of all things, did God choose the humble thorn-bush as the place from which to speak with Moses?"

The rabbi replied: "If He had chosen a carob tree or a mulberry bush, you would have asked me the same question. Yet it is impossible to let you go away empty-handed. That is why I am telling you that God chose the humble thornbush - to teach you that there is no place on earth bereft of the Divinte Presence, not even a thorn-bush."

"And this story finds its retelling in the story of Calvary. It prompts the remark that one of the essential meanings of that terrible and horrendous scene of a man hanging on a tree is that there is no place where the divine presence wil not dwell. Calvary's tree is Moses' thorn-bush," writes William J. Bausch in his book Storytelling: Imagination and Faith.

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