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Why Did God Choose To Save Us The Way He Did

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Christian Salvation

What if Jesus chose to save us differently. Would that work?

In his book "Our Thoughts Determine Our Lives," Father Thaddeus of Vitovnica explain this question in a very direct way.

"No one can save us except the One Who created us. The Lord could have chosen to save us in a different manner, for He is Almighty and All-powerful. Instead, He took upon Himself our human nature and showed us by His own example the way of righteousness. Had He chosen to save us in any other way, we could say to Him, 'You are the Almighty God. You were never a man as I am; You were never hungry or thirsty, sad or sorrowful.' Apostles write in the Holy Scriptures that the Lord's earthly life had many more sorrowful moments than joyous ones. No one ever saw Him laugh as we do when we are joyful; He was always Himself. Even today, He bears the burden of our sins. And we have not accepted Him, although He was a man just like us in a things except, of course, in sin."

Indeed, Jesus humbled Himself to the lowest places of human existence, equally suffering with us and suffering even more than what average person apparently does. He was poor, hungry, thirsty, homeless, jailed, beaten, crucified, killed. Accept Him and His salvation or not, but no one can every say 'You were never a man as I am and you never really felt our suffering.'

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