Why Home Sellers Shouldn't Take Homes Off The Market During Holidays

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Advantages of Selling Home during Holidays

Home sellers, do not wait until after the holidays. Here are 6 reasons for that and 6 advantages for selling your homes during the holidays.

With all of the extra activities happening during the holiday season it can be tempting to wait until the holidays are over, but this may not be a good decision. Worse yet, some sellers will actually temporarily take their home off the market for the holidays. There are several reasons sellers should not wait until after the holidays that we want to share with you.

1. Relocation buyers usually do not have control over the timing of their move. They are usually moving because of career choices, or even to keep their current employment. This gives home sellers an advantage of selling their homes during the holidays.

2. Typically buyers who are looking for a new home during the holiday season are more serious about the purchase process. Remember that for buyers this is a busy season for them too.

3. A seller has more control over the showing times available. A possible buyer at this time will be more understanding if you need to restrict viewings due to holiday activities.

4. With good staging and curb appeal heightened with seasonal plantings and decorations, a home can show better this time of year.

5. There is just plain less competition during the holidays. You can easily see why when you see the below illustration provided by Keeping Current Matters on 11/5/15.

6. Interest rates and their effect on your buyers. There is a lot of speculation over what the Federal Reserve will do before the end of the year.

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