Woman Loses Home to Fire, Then Life to Devastation

House Fire

Do not take life for granted. This sad story that happened in Ontario, Canada yesterday will tell you why you should cherish every moment God is giving you on this earth.

We never know what awaits for us tomorrow. The time that has been given to us should have a moral significance and a spiritual meaning.

Today, in a Facebook group called Chronic Migraine Awareness, one of the members posted the following message, informing about a friend who's house burned down last night and that she lost her life as a result of the devastation she suffered. This happened yesterday in Southwestern Ontario, Canada.

"A sad day today... Last night a very dear family friend of mine lost her home to a House Fire. (Found this out at 3:30am this morning). Found out this afternoon around 3:30pm that, that friend also lost her life, due to the devastation she suffered. She went into shock, took a seizure and proceeded to go into Cardiac Arrest. She passed away last night. I am still in shock myself. I am staying strong to help support her daughter and granddaughter at this time. Don't take life granted, because tomorrow is promised to no one. God Bless each and everyone of you all," writes Jennifer E., a member in the group.

This is truly said and a stark reminder of how fragile this life is and why we should never take our days for granted.

Hundreds of millions of people take life for granted. Many times we think tomorrow awaits for us to realize our plans. This woman (God bless her soul and our prayers and thoughts for the family), probably had the same dreams millions of us share for this special day. Yet, the "tomorrow" was not promised for her, as well as for us.

This sad event reminds us of what we are doing with our time. Are we squandering it, letting it slip through our fingers? Or, are we using it wisely.

"Time has been given to us for the purpose of glorifying God in this life. Time has been given to us to have an encounter with the living God. However famous a person may be, or however great his wealth, or whatever his contribution to literature or science, if he has not come into a vital conversion experience with Jesus Christ, then that person has lived in vain.

"Thus time is an appointment with Christ, and the Bible says, “Now is the accepted time” (2 Corinthians 6:2, NKJV). God has given us a moment in which we can come to know His Son Jesus Christ. We can come out of time and enter eternity with Him. From now on, everything we do can be done with eternity in view, writes Billy Graham in his 2004 article, named Three Ways To Use Time Wisely.

Time is a mystery. The days of our lives are a mystery. Use it wisely and never take it for granted.

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