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Devotec Solar Sound 2 Stereo BlueTooth Speakers

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The Devotec Solar Sound 2 Stereo BlueTooth Speakers is a great gadget that has multiple functions as well as ease of use and excellent sound quality.

The Solar Sound 2 is one of the coolest gadgets I’ve used in a while. It offers all the great benefits of having portable speakers without cables. Plus it’s solar powered!
The Solar Sound 2 is 16.5 x 5.8 x 5.8cm big and weighs in at 300g. The front of the speakers has three touch-capacitive buttons that allow you to power on the device, alter the volume, and change the track of music to which you are listening.
On top of the speakers is where the solar panels are located, allowing the sun to charge them.
The back contains all the ports used for attaching cords, should you so choose to attach a music device that doesn’t have Bluetooth or charge the speakers using a power cord. Both cables are included. The back also contains a main power button.
On either side of the speakers are the actual speakers themselves, which sound great.

There are several different modes with which you can listen to music using the Solar Sound 2 Stereo Bluetooth Speakers. Should you choose to connect via Bluetooth, the speakers are in pairing mode as soon as you turn them on and will stay that way for approximately 3 minutes. It’s recommended to have the device playing music directly in front and in range of the speakers to get the best sound quality out of them.
The speakers come included with a 3.5mm headphone jack and cable. You can connect the cord to your music player and then to the speakers for the best sound quality and have about two feet of cord distance.
When using the solar panels to charge the device, simply place them in direct sunlight. It’s not meant for the solar panels to be the only source of charging for the Solar Sound 2; it’s more of a way to have theoretical infinite playback on them. If the speakers are in sunlight, they are charging, however if music is playing power will just be draining from them.
There is also Power Boost Mode on the Solar Sound 2 Stereo Bluetooth Speakers. To get the best power and sound quality out of the speakers, simply plug them into the wall using the supplied USB power cable and mains plug and you’ll get a projected 25% more power from them.

I’ve used my fair share of portable speakers, but I’ve never used a set as great as the Solar Sound 2 Stereo Bluetooth Speakers. The sound quality is great, blasting all kinds of music and even talk radio excellently.
The size of the speakers are perfect for carrying in a backpack and whipping out in the woods or at the beach. The included carrying pouch is a bit snug and has an extra pocket to hold the two cables, but they don’t even fit inside of it.
Using the touch-capacitive buttons to control volume and tracks can be a bit of a hassle. While carrying the speakers around my apartment, I kept accidently turning the volume up and down and even changed my favorite song just as it got to the best part.

Buy or Pass?
The Devotec Solar Sound 2 Stereo Bluetooth Speakers are a bit pricey at $99.99. Is this price point worth it? Yes it is. The benefits of having the speakers vastly outweighs the one flaw I had with them.
If interested in purchasing a set of speakers, they can be purchased from Devotec Industries.

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