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USA drops Algeria despite blown call, wins Group C

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The World Cup 2010 USA team was involved in yet a controversial game, with an early goal by Clint Dempsey disallowed for "offsides" though it was clearly a missed call. Even with the disallowed goal and other missed calls, such as the elbow to Dempsey's face that was not called, the USA managed to hang on and will their way to victory in additional time.

The U.S. team isn't afraid to make things dramatic, but if the referees would stop blowing the calls they wouldn't have to. For the second straight game, the USA team had a goal disallowed for a mythical infraction. This time it was Clint Dempsey's goal in the 21st minute, for which he was called offsides. The replays clearly showed Dempsey was not offsides. In the end, even with the help of the referees, the Algerians couldn't keep the U.S. team from advancing.

With the score tied at 0-0 at the end of regulation, and England leading Slovenia 1-0, something had to give or both England and Slovenia would advance and the USA would go home. And then something did give. In the first minute of additional time, Landon Donovan easily kicked the ball into the net off a rebound, as the Algerian goalkeeper had blocked Jozy Altidore's shot. From there, the USA team just had to hang on for four minutes to cruise to the victory.

The win tied the USA and England with 5 points each, but the USA won the group based off goal totals, 4-2 in favor of the USA. This is the first time the USA has won their group since 1930.

The dramatic overtime goal by Landon Donovan was his 44th career international goal, an American record. After the goal, he went to the corner and was mobbed by joyous teammates, tears in their eyes.

The Algerian team was left to plan their trip home after playing a particularly dirty game, in which one player was red carded, two others received yellow cards, and more than one call was completely missed, even when it ended in blood covering Clint Dempsey's face. After the last two group matches for the USA team, it's pretty disturbing to see the blatant inability of the FIFA referees.

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Written by Jed Bird

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