ABC Presents Obama's Vacation Quote as Breaking News

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Many are wondering how ABC News can report that President Obama's quote about the fact that he and his wife, First Lady Michelle Obama are enjoying their Martha's Vineyard vacation. Comments on the ABC article are shouts of outrage, slamming the president. One comment in particular stated that Obama is the "worst president in the world". Who is at blame for this "breaking news" article? The president or ABC News.

The article from ABC News shares that Obama and his wife shared dinner out with friends. The Obama's were joined by Dr. Eric and Cheryl Whitaker, senior adviser Valerie Jarrett, and lawyer and business executive Vernon Jordan and wife Ann Dibble Jordan at a State Road Restaurant in West Tisbury on Martha’s Vineyard.

Is the fact that Obama is being quoted as enjoying his vacation "breaking news?"

When the couple left the restaurant at 9:55 pm EST, reporters who were waiting for the Obama outside of the establishment, bombarded him with questions about his stay in Martha's Vineyard. The president replied, "I'm having a great time." He also shared that he is, "doing a lot of reading."

Is it breaking news how Obama and his wife are enjoying their vacation and what the president is reading from his book list? It was also reported where the president purchased his book and what other books were on his list to read, including Jonathan Franzen’s “Freedom,” which is said to not currently out for sale in stores. The president received the advance copy of the book from the book store owner who "gifted" the president with it.

Although given strict orders that the First family's dinner menu not be shared with the press, the owner of the restaurant who said that she was a friend of the president and that she "adores his voice” shared the menu anyway. The owner, Mary Kenworth told ABC News that the “the whole table got lobster tempura with island corn succotash and lemon vinaigrette in addition to their individual entrees." Kenworth also stated, "It was very exciting for all of us, they were extremely lovely to everyone here."

The controversy surrounding ABC News is how they can claim that this is "breaking news" and write an article speaking to this. With all that is currently going on in our country with unemployment rates, natural disasters and international affairs, including our relations with Iraq and attempting to get our troops home from the war, ABC News is outraging readers with what they are calling "breaking news" stories.

Note: This article was not written with any disrespect towards any other journalist or news station.

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