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China Oil Spill Covers 165 sq Miles

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China has had a huge disaster as an oil pipeline exploded in the Yellow Sea off a busy north-east port. It sparked a massive fire which lasted fifteen hours until it was finally extinguished. Workers are now in a huge rush to contain the oil and keep it from running into international waters. Officials are still trying to figure out how big the oil spill actually is.

It has been said by that the China oil spill received much quicker attention upon occurring than did the BP oil spill in the United States. An environmental group is trying to assess whether or not this China oil spill may possibly be the country’s largest oil spill and that it is even worse than what is being disclosed by officials.

According to, the China government said that the oil slick has spread across seventy square miles of ocean and that the causes of the blast are still not clear. The Huffington Post has reported that environmental groups are saying that China oil spill has already reached 165 square miles of water. The pipeline owned by China National Petroleum Corp, Asia’s biggest oil and gas producer by volume has not disclosed any discriminating evidence as of yet either.

President Hu Jintao and other top leaders in China were immediately made aware of images of one hundred foot high flames that were shooting up near part of China’s strategic oil reserves.

China's once most livable cities is not a mess and workers in the country have their days planned out for them. They will need to concentrate quickly and efficiently to control the oil from spreading and to save the shores of Dalian which was once named "China’s most livable city."

Since the day of the China oil spill until today, July 21, 2010, the oil spill has more than doubled. Beaches on the Yellow Sea have been closed and a "severe threat" has been posed to humans, sea life and water quality. Hundreds of fishing boats and already about forty oil control boats have been set into the water to help with the cleanup.

It has been only five days since the explosion of the China oil spill and this is just the beginning. Zhong Yu, a worker with the environmental group Greenpeace China stated to the Associated Press, "I've been to a few bays today and discovered they were almost entirely covered with dark oil. The oil is half-solid and half liquid and is as sticky as asphalt."

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