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Ford Explorer 2011 To Be Unveiled On Facebook

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Ford is using the exploding social media tool, Facebook, for the primary source of advertising and marketing of its new 2011 Ford Explorer. Quite a risky move, but one that Scott Kelly and Scott Monty, the digital marketing minds behind the campaign, think will prove extremely successful.

The 2011 Ford Explorer will be unveiled to the world via a Facebook page. The vehicle will not be for sale on car dealership floors and lots for another six months, but the Facebook campaign will begin to reveal Ford's latest vehicle now. Kelly and Monte strongly believe that in getting thousands of people to "like" their Ford Facebook page, this will be a much stronger and new age campaign to getting the car "out there" than any other way. They are taking advantage of the souring popularity of the social media site, Facebook.

Ford has already been using the 2011 Ford Explorer Facebook Page to draw attention to their name. The page already has over 30,000 fans prior to revealing their 2011 Ford Explorer. Having the fans already in place to see the 2011 Ford Explorer when it comes out is a great tactic. Now, when the new vehicle is revealed, Facebook fans of Ford's page will already be there ready to share in the excitement of the new car.

Ford is are also holding a giveaway on Facebook, where one random fan will win a free 2011 Ford Explorer. Another way to entice people to join the page and create a nice buzz around the new model.

Kelly and Monty share that the 2011 Ford Explorer has been completely redesigned and reinvented. The car has a new enhanced form and style, according to the digital marketers. To stay in the same vein as the new car, they thought a new way to reach audiences for the car's unveilling to the world was something well called for. And that is how they came to be use Facebook as their main tool of advertising.

Ford is revolutionizing the car industry by this new social media tactic. No other car maker has tried to advertise and create a buzz about their vehicles in this way before. Ford also has a series of videos and events planned throughout the day to not only replicate the auto show experience, without actually having to have an auto show, but also introduce consumers to executives and allow for conversations around the new vehicle.

The 2011 Ford Explorer is being introduced as the first vehicle of its kind in a new an innovative way; the first of its time. This is a completely free way to advertise as well, as Facebook is free. No advertising costs will be incurred by unveiling the car in this way.

Kelly and Monty stated, “We will reach more than 50 million people on Monday on sites like AOL, Yahoo, Washington Post, Facebook and hundreds of other websites.” As a person "fans" or "likes" the Ford Facebook page, they will be a fan of the page forever, or until they close their Facebook or "unlike" the page, which is usually unlikely. So, there you have it, a fan of Ford forever.

The ultimate goal of the 2011 Ford Explorer campaign: “We want to be blanketed with coverage of the new Ford Explorer. We don’t want anyone to miss the reveal.”

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