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New Autism Treatment Drug, KM-391 is in Development

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Breaking news was released today regarding the Cellceutix Corporation, a preclinical cancer, autism and anti-inflammatory drug developer, and its new rights to pursue the development of the drug KM-391, for the treatment of autism spectrum disorder. The drug is said to work on the "Neonatal serotonin depletion and reduced plasticity of the brain which are salient features observed in Autism," according to Cellceutix.

George Evans, the CEO of Cellceutix talked about the company's new compound KM-391 in attempt to get shareholders of the company excited about the new development. The compound, KM-391 was acquired by Cellceutix in December, 2009 and in January 2010, an article was published by Business Week about the "drug industry is finally gearing up for an assault on autism."

Mr. Evans stated, "Autism is a condition where there is loss in certain brain functions, which leads to behavior disorder. The present scientific research directs us to a few things. One being the plasticity of brain tissue, the second being nerve tangling in the brain and the third being uneven production of serotonin, all which may have a significant effect on evolution and degree of severity of autism in any particular individual."

Since there are currently no drugs on the market that are approved to treat symptoms of autism, Cellceutix is working as rapidly as possible to learn more about the potential for the development of KM-391 and is very encouraged about it thus far. The drug was first developed as a small molecule in India and now is being "synthesized in the United States for continued research".

There is very promising data on the drug KM-391. Although KM-391 has not been studied in humans at this time, it has already showed positive results in animal studies. Cellceutix stated, "Preliminary testing of KM 391 in mice revealed that the test animals showed a significant increase in serotonin uptake compared to controls, with no apparent side-effects in the long-term administration of KM 391 in mice."

The FDA has yet to approve any drugs for autism and Cellceutix is hoping to be the first company that becomes approved with a successful drug which the face of autism spectrum disorder forever. That drug is KM-391.

Mr. Evans stated, "We are extremely excited about the data on KM-391 and the potential for the compound in this area of urgent medical need. Diagnoses of autism are rising dramatically and the disease takes a terrible toll on families. There is a critical need for new treatments for autism and we are pleased to be part of the effort to find them."

Written by Dr. KC Kelly


Submitted by Dr Roger (not verified) on
This gives us such hope. Thank you for bringing this discovery to us.

Submitted by nancy smith (not verified) on
when may this drug be available to the consumer, approximately, best guess at least? desperate in houston, tx. nancy smith

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
This is just as bad as the" Secretin cures" in the late 90's. Not my child, he's almost 14 now, nothing experimental and he is my sunshine everyday. Find what works for your child and love them the way they are. Don't guinea pig your kid out in hopes that they MIGHT get better.

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