Tibetan Mastiff Sold To Rich Couple for $600,000

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A giant Tibetan mastiff dog which was massive in size, at least three feet tall and weighing between 130 and 150 pounds stood chained to the entrance of the Tianjin dog fair in northeastern China, barking at everyone who entered through the gates. A steel-link chain held the dog back from nervous patrons who did not know what this dog was capable of doing. No doubt, he made every one who saw him nervous.

The giant Tibetan mastiff was there to guarantee a rude welcome to guests coming into the fair. A woman in heavy makeup and costume sat with the dog warning people to, “Be careful. He’s a little temperamental.” When the dog was not chained to the steel cage, a man reclined on a chair held the leash and his arm would jerk up when the dog barked at a person.

Tibetan Mastiffs cost a pretty penny because of their prestige

Mastiff dogs were all over the fair, in different sizes and colors. They were kinder dogs, mostly puppies and all on sale for breeding.

Wen Li, a spokesman for www.1dutm.com, a website about Tibetan mastiffs, who helps organize dog fairs like the one in Tianjin shared that most people who buy mastiffs are millionaires. Wen stated, "Most buyers are wealthy people, like entrepreneurs. The newly rich want to show off their status by owning such a precious dog, which makes them feel really confident and powerful.”

Why is the Tibetan mastiff dog so attractive to millionaire buyers? Wen stated, "In China, people think of the Tibetan mastiff as a holy animal … a blessing to their health and security,” This breed of dog "is considered the guardian dog of the former Himalayan kingdom of Tibet and reputed to be the original source of many large dog breeds today," according to Today. The appeal of Tibetan mastiff has grown greatly, to the degree that fairs take place several times/week during the three month show season, just to try to sell the dogs for breeding.

"And as their popularity has grown, so have prices for top breeds - 500 percent a year," according to Today. And this was proven when Cai Li and his wife purchased a Tibetan mastiff, last November for $600,000 and brought the dog home to their home in the the provincial capital of Xi’". It took a caravan of twenty Mercedes-Benzes to bring the "slobbery black-haired beast" home. The dogs new owner, Cai, stated, "I like Tibetan mastiffs, because they’re really loyal to owners and they’re ferocious.”

Pure bloodlines, overwhelming popularity and the fact that is very rare to find a completely purebred Tibetan mastiff are why these dogs are can be so expensive.

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