Octopus Paul faces grilling and competition

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German soccer fans are calling for a public grilling of an octopus that correct picked the winner in all six of Germany's games, including Wednesday's loss to Spain. Paul, also known as the oracle octopus, has not only become unpopular with German soccer fans but is now competing with Mani the parakeet in Singapore.

Paul the octopus would make a tasty meal according to German Soccer fans. "Nothing beats grilled octopus," said Dolores Lusch, a Germany fan who works on a Berlin fish stall while talking to a Reuters reporter. "Cut him up in thin slices and grill him on all sides with a dash of lemon juice, olive oil and garlic on it. Delicious!"

Paul the octopus correctly predicted that Germany would lose to Serbia in the group stage, and wins against Argentina, England, Ghana and Australia. Though German's are not ordinarily superstitious, the entire country was distraught after the octopus picked Spain to defeat Germany in the semifinals. Paul was correct again as Germany lost to Spain on Wednesday.

On Friday, Paul the octopus will pick the winner of the Spain versus Netherlands match for the World Cup. However, Paul is now facing competition from Mani the parakeet in the animal oracle category.

Paul the octupus and Mani the parakeet reside on different continents, with Paul living in Germany and Mani residing in Singapore. Mani has correctly predicted all the winners of the quaterfinals and the semifinals, but due to Singapore's soccer team not even participating in the world cup Mani is not facing the heat (literally) like Paul is.

Other differences include Paul the octopus residing in a public aquarium known as Sea Life, while Mani the parakeet lives with a couple of astrologers. The astrologers used to see about ten customers per day, but Channel News Asia is now reporting they are seeing hundreds by the hour.

While Paul the octopus is waiting until Friday to make his prediction, Mani the parakeet has already predicted that the Netherlands will defeat Spain in the final match. If Mani is wrong, there is nothing to stop his owners from making parakeet soup out of him. Paul the octopus is more looked after by his owners. "Nothing bad will happen to Paul," said Sea Life spokesperson Tanja Munzig. "No one wishes him ill-will. Paul has had a great run," despite calls for the invertebrate to be sliced and diced into pieces for the grill and/or frying pan.

Should Paul the octopus also pick the Netherlands like Mani the parakeet and the orange clad flying Dutchmen win, Paul and Mani will likely have a future in the oracle business. "We've had some enquiries about his future," said Munzig. However, should Paul pick Spain, then at least one animal will be known worldwide for an amazing ability to predict World Cup matches.


Submitted by Jacky (not verified) on
I think this time he chose Spain for the final victory.

Submitted by Jose Markes (not verified) on
May be instead of Gemnay grilling Paul the Octopus now Spaniards can move the octopus to somewhere in Spain?

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