2011 Emmy Awards-Week parties, photos of Gov. Ball

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It is Emmy Awards-week in Hollywood, which kicked off with the Creative Arts Emmy Awards on Sunday. The Emmy Awards parties begin in earnest on, but the Governors Ball is the biggest.

UPDATE----Thursday September 15, 2011---The co-chairwoman of the Governors Ball shared the evening's theme, decor and samples of the seriously gourmet menu items to be served. The Ball opens its door to all attendees at the Emmy Awards and up to 3,500 people are expected to pile into a transformed wing of the L.A. Convention Center. The AP captured photos in a sneak peek for fans. They can be found, here.

The TV Academy’s Writers Nominee Reception is scheduled for Thursday night at the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood. All scribes will be presented with their nomination certificates. There is an actors reception as well, set to go off Friday night at the same venue. All nominated in acting categories will receive their certificates.

Parties hosted by the networks whose shows are in the hunt for Emmy Awards are usually the big ones on the night of the telecast. The Hollywood Reporter says they include:

Sunday night:

AMC's party that celebrates its nominated shows and stars from "Breaking Bad", "Mad Men", and "The Killing" is open for business from the moment the TV show is over and will go late into the night.

Expect to see Christina Hendricks, Jon Hamm, Bryan Cranston and others. The site of the party is a bit out of the way and in Los Angeles, that is viewed as problematic. Because of that, the stars are expected to arrive late which makes the AMC bash one of the places to snap photos well into the wee hours of the next morning.

HBO garnered the most nominations once again and their party reflects that. The site is the Pacific Design Center for the ninth year in a row. The possibility that "Boardwalk Empire" will trump perennial favorite "Mad Men" in the best drama category, is the latest gossip and speculation in and around Hollywood.

Paparazzi can expect to see all the top HBO talent at the party, whether nominated or not. It also begins after the conclusion of the Emmy Awards telecast.

Saturday night
NBC and Showtime get a jump on the celebrations by holding their parties the night before the Awards. The NBC party is being held at Spago, Beverly Hills. There will be no red carpet and the dress code calls for more casual attire than what they'll wear on Sunday night.

Showtime's party happen at another Hollywood institution, the Sky Bar at the Mondrian Hotel on Sunset Boulevard. Only the network's nominees are invited along with various execs. Just presume you'll see "Dexter" stars Julia Stiles and Michael C. Hall, "Nurse Jackie" star Edie Falco and Laura Linney of "The C Word".

The Governor's Ball offers an open invitation to all Award show attendees and is set up in a wing of the L.A. Convention Center, a couple of long blocks from the Nokia Theater, site of the telecast itself. From there those with invites to the rest of that night's parties get into limos with paparazzi trailing along.

There are many other official and unofficial parties this week and you can get the full scoop on them, here.

For a list of those who won Creative Arts Emmy Awards, click here.

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