2013 SAG Awards: Joan Rivers names best and worst fashions

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The red carpet fashions at the 2013 SAG Awards were reviewed by the E! Fashion Police and Joan Rivers picked winners and losers.

The SAG Awards 2013 were another star-studded event in Los Angeles this past weekend and Fashion Police members Giuliana Rancic and Kelly Osbourne were in attendance. Check out their winners and losers from the Golden Globes, here.

Then the fun began, when Joan Rivers assembled the rest of her crew, including stylist George Kotsiopoulos and spoke the truth, some of it harsh.


Anne Hathaway in a black Giambattista Valli Haute Couture gown.

Joan Rivers said, referring to her short hair: "She looked great and I hope the rest of the boy band did too." George K "I was underwhelmed. She made such bold statements on the red carpet for Le Mis premieres, any of them would have been fine. From the waist up, great. From the waist down, a little messy.

Kelly Osbourne: "Part of this I don't like while others I do. The skirt was too short at the front fo*r the see-through panel. But...I do love her hair."
Giuliana added: "Oh the runway* this dress was fuller, I feel like they took some tulle out. If you're gonna go for it, I say* go for it."

Michelle Dockery
in a vintage gown by Chado Ralph Rucci and the word of the night to describe the dress was "Side-Boob". Joan was having none of that. "The last time I saw that much action on the sid*e was Brad Pitt when he was still married to Jennifer Aniston."

Georgie added "The belt made it look a bit messy to me. On her, that's a nice boobie Joan." Kelly noted "I think the dress is ill-fitting. Too much fabric in some places and too much in others."


Nicole Kidman was stunning in a Vivienne Westwood midnight blue number with flat ironed hair parted down the middle. "Bingo...she looks like a movie star again, but that hair is straighter than anyone she ever married."

George chimed in, "I thought she looked phenomenal. I loved the hair and the deco earrings. Best Dressed nominee for sure. Kelly lauded her stylist. It looked like she had no makeup on when you saw her in person and then when you took pictures on she had a full face of makeup on and looked amazing. That's what matters when you're on a carpet. It's all in the video and photos."

Amanda Seyfried, in Zac Posen and a statement necklace thrilled the Police. "I love this dress on her, perfect fro*m head to toe. The necklace makes it youthful and fresh," George said. Kelly said , "Finally, someone who is perfect in every way. I can't say a thing bad about this."

Giuliana Rancic said that when interviewed Amanda feared winning due to the difficulty in walking with the slim lines of the skirt and its length. Giuliana told her. " 'Don't worry about it. You look incredible.' The necklace was polarizing. Some loved it and some hated it but I loved it and it was so different. She took a risk."

Jennifer Lawrence in Christian Dior couture. The Police did NOT mention the dress coming apart as Jennifer walked to the stage to pick up her award and how she somehow kept it all together. Rather than focused on the stunning deep blue and her statuesque beauty.

George K said "It's look great. She looks beautiful, but I'd love to see her take a chance on color next time. Osbourne noted that "She walked the carpet with pneumonia and looked stunning." Giuliana says she is in high demand for designers now and the Dior was a safe choice.


Bad surprises

Julianne Moore in Chanel. How can you go wrong in Chanel? Have an ill-fitting white bodice with a neckline that was cut almost to her waist that allowed her breasts to sag almost as far. The waist line drooped as well with the floral design that began there, further pulling everything down.

January Jones was wearing a very structured, black and white number from Pradal Gurung. It was very fashion forward, so to speak but her hair and makeup stunned the Police. Even Kelly O, a woman who loves statement hair couldn't deal with it, calling it k. d. lang-ish.

Justin Timberlake in a Tom Ford three-piece checked suit sent chills through the Fashion Police set. Heresy I tell you, heresy to not honor the evening and the written invitation that says formal wear. What about that didn't he understand? Giuliana Rancic fluttered a bit about his hair but that was the only positive.

Good surprises

Juliana Margulies in Chado Ralph Rucci was elegant and retro at the same time. Her black bodice and black edging at the bottom of the skirt surrounded a soft pink with a nice slit for her fabulous legs. Some criticized the shoes but overall....a good choice.

Lea Mechele, once again pleased the Joan Rangers on Fashion Police in a hot pink strapless Valentino. The only complaint was from Giuliana that her hair was soooo 2011.


In a bit of a surprise, Giuliana nominated Bradley Cooper, resplendent in a Tom Ford tux and a bit of beard. George put up Amanda Seyfried as did Kelly Osbourne but as we all know, Joan can overrule all and name her own. Drum roll please:

Nicole Kidman in a stunning comeback from her recent fashion woes was named Best Dressed at the 2013 SAG Awards


Anne Hathaway got the nod from Giuliana, George K screamed the name Justin Timberlake for not honoring the tradition of the evening, Kelly Rancic sadly noted that Julianne Moore stunk up the joint.

Joan agreed that Julianne Moore had taken the Fash Hole of the night for this reason: "That dress is like Lindsay Lohan's memory. There's not much there and what is left is pretty spotty. " Ouch!

Check out the rest of the fashion photos on the E! Fashion Police website, here. Image: E! Fashion Police

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