5 reasons we shouldn't feel sorry for Rob Kardashian

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Rob Kardashian launched his sock line this month. When it looked like it would be delayed he was a sad young man. All of that has changed.

Arthur George is the brand name of the sock line Rob Kardashian revealed prior to Christmas 2012. He studiously avoided using his last name, choosing his own middle name and that of his late father.

Recently, young Rob made news when he got into a Twitter war with now ex-girlfriend Rita Ora, claiming she cheated on him. Earlier this year his complaint was that he felt like he was left out of the Kardashian success story.

During the just concluded season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Rob spent time feeling sorry for himself and insecure about his business prospects. Rob's troubled business life.

Back in April, Rob blew his cork at his big sister's man Scott Disick in a display of anger that seemed over-the-top.

He was taking Disick to task for ignoring the Kardashian clan, including a very pregnant Kourtney. With Scott's restaurant set to open, everyone got on planes to N.Y. for support.

Scott screwed it up by getting plastered and then so hung over that he spent little to no time with the family.

Rob took it personally and blasted Scott. While it was warranted, part of his anger came from learning that his sock line's debut was pushed back to 2013.

Momager Kris Jenner counseled her son about his part in causing the delay. It made him feel inadequate next to Disick who managed to get his business venture up and running.

Roll the tape forward a couple of months and in a classic two-part Keeping Up With episode, the family underwent counseling. Rob broke down and sobbed about his frustration at being the least successful of his older siblings.

The Kardashian sisters have clothing lines and other branded merchandise on the market. Rob pointed at Kris for ignoring him to attend to Kim's busy schedule.

The sisters and Kris fought back telling Rob that he seems to lack the drive necessary to get things done. It was a mess. Read about that here.

Here it is December 2012 and somehow Arthur George launched with a media blitz that had Rob getting little sleep. He landed on television programs and did interviews with print and online media outlets.

After all the drama, Kardashian can finally point to successfully bringing a product to market.

Why shouldn't we feel sorry for Rob?

  • Despite his business venture problems, he never had to worry about losing a home or having gas in his vehicle.
  • He's always got his appearances on the family's multiple reality shows to fall back on, at least until E! decides to pull the plug on him.
  • Unlike an unknown designer, his sock line got picked up as an exclusive launch at Neiman Marcus.
  • Because of the Kardashian name, his launch got him interviewed in both celeb media as well as those dedicated to clothing.
  • There are plenty of girls ready to jump into Rita Ora's place in his heart.


Rob Kardashian is now a 25 year-old man. He is no longer a boy who can claim that he lacks experience and maturity.

In an interview with Racked, he said he might want to expand Arthur George to include pajamas and handkerchiefs. Will he succeed?

Keeping Up With the Kardashians is between seasons but replays can be seen on E!. Check local listings for air dates and times. Image: Wikimedia Commons

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