5 tips to manage happy hour, care of Weight Watchers

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It's cocktail hour, also known as happy hour. How do you enjoy yourself if you're trying to lose or maintain weight? Ask Weight Watchers for some helpful hints.

Weight Watchers does not believe in you skipping fun activities, even those that center on eating and drinking.

On a beautiful summer evening, who can turn down an invitation to a happy hour for some cocktails and appetizers? Not me that's for sure, but as a Weight Watchers member I have gotten helpful hints along the way to keep me at or near my goal weight.

Here are five tips I'd like to share:

Order water or iced tea/diet soda along with the cocktail

This gives you two glasses of liquid to consume at once. If you are like me, you will alternate sips or drink one, then the other before ordering again. It's mostly about being able to imbibe along with friends or work colleagues without adding all the carbs that come along with alcohol.

Mixers can double the calories

You can order all the Skinny Girl Vodka you want, but if you mix it with fruit juice that isn't labeled "light" or "diet" it can be a problem. Four ounces of good old OJ can double the carb intake and caloires of a typical Screwdriver. Ask for run and diet cola or a "low cal" tonic with your gin.

Wine spritzers are all the rage this season

An old-school drink has come roaring back into fashion and it kills two birds with one stone. Mixing wine with sparkling water/club soda and pouring it over ice gets you two cocktails but only counts as one for counting calories of PointPlus values in the WW program. The typical serving of wine is four ounces. Split it in two, adding club soda and ice in an "on-the-rocks" glass and you get more bang for your buck. Check out more reasons to love a wine spritzer, here.

Order a veggie or fruit plate for the table

You get to snack and sip, once again avoiding the danger of bar peanuts or the dreaded tortilla chips and salsa at a Mexican restaurant. If there are no healthy platters listed on the menu, ask the bartender nicely to get you some celery stalks used in Bloody Marys and/or some olives from the Martini tray.

Eat up before you get to the bar

It's the same principle as not going hungry to the grocery store. If you plan ahead you can consume a piece of fruit or low-fat popcorn on the way to the cocktail bar. A large piece of fruit works just as well as does some popped chips in a small bag.

The truth is that it is difficult to avoid temptation wherever you go. At cocktail hour it can become even harder with the array of choices listed on the menu. Have a game plan, even if it's a surprise visit. The five tips listed here should provide some assistance.

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