Abby called 'fatty', humiliated at Dance Moms competition

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Dance Moms may have hit the lowest point this season when second, third and fourth place finishes resulted in name calling of the worst sort.

Lifetime's Dance Moms was reduced to finger pointing behavior and children weeping after the weekly competition humiliated Abby Lee Miller.

The question to ponder is whether it will change her methods that clearly aren't working any longer. Who will bring Abby into the light if that is at all possible?

Abby's fear of the replacements

Facing two of her dancer-students who filled in for the regulars when the moms boycotted the studio, Miller was ruthless in expecting perfection from her team.

Her threats, and there is no other way to describe them, to the little girls who she trains and teaches, filled them with fear.

Their solo performances reflected that with a second for Chloe and a third place for MacKenzie.

What devastated Abby the most however, was that the group dance, which she believed was executed well, also failed to move the judges, garnering a fourth-place finish. Check out video posted below of the dance routine and judge for yourself.

This has put Abby in a position to ponder just how much her judgement is now skewed by her anger, unkindness and refusal to accept and forgive.

Abby crosses a line

The other traumatizing behavior was played out in front of the girls as well.

Using name calling and personal attacks on their moms, Abby continued her war of revenge over the walkout, with particular harshness saved for Melissa.

It didn't matter at all to Abby that Melissa had been her closest ally, working diligently in the studio to assure daughter Maddie's place at the top of the infamous pyramid.

Maddie had to be sacrificed to humiliate Melissa over and over.

There seems to be no end to her need to punish Melissa for the final act of betrayal, when she sided with the other moms, holding Maddie out of the studio until Kelly and her two girls were allowed to return.

Maddie found the courage to ask for a solo and Abby looked her in the eye and told her that she should look to her mother for the reason why no solo would be forthcoming.

Melissa has apologized and at the risk of angering the other moms, finally wondered if her solidarity was worth the price her daughter Maddie is paying.

She's in a no win situation. What she doesn't deserve however, is an airing of her personal life dirty laundry in front of her child.

Christi finally returns fire

Somehow when that happened Melissa didn't explode, but Christi did.

Christi has been bent out of shape over Chloe's downward spiral on the pyramid and has been the only mom to consistently point out to Abby that she is hurting the kids personally, not just professionally.

It doesn't seem to register with Abby Miller that pitting kids against their parents is damaging to their emotional lives.

Child psychologists would have a field day with Miller's tactics, which are devolving into the worst kind of behavior engaged in among divorcing married couples.

Parents who use their kids as the objects of a tug of war in their divorce battles inflict the worst kind of damage.

Isn't that what Abby is doing?

With the defeat of her teams at the competition and watching her replacement dancers take top honors along with their studio, Abby doubled-down on her nastiness.

"From national champions to fourth place? You just proved my point. The break, the parking lot, the workout thing. You went from national champions against amazing dancers to fourth."

When she called Christi an "idiot" it left that dance mom with a choice. Should she engage in name calling too?

That is when we got the ludicrous and almost comical retort of, " Fatty, fatty, fatty, fatty. You are ugly to the core." Is a Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig endorsement in the offing for the obese Ms. Miller?

Takeaway message: Abby's nastiness has ruined her creative judgement. Her dance routines and her choices for solos are more a result of her emotional turmoil rathen than right thinking of a professional sort. Without forgiveness and a willingness to work with the women who hurt her, Abby Miller is in danger of losing her professional edge. Who will help her?

Lifetime airs new episodes of Dance Moms each Tuesday night at 9:00 p.m. ET Image: Lifetime/Dance Moms

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