Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition Lexine gone, Asia stays

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Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition exposed a hidden problem in reality contest shows - homesickness. Kids and moms are away for weeks on end.

Abby Lee Miller had only seven young dancers to boss around and judge on the last installment Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition on Lifetime.

The dancer sent home was Lexine, whose mother Maria started to crack after being in Los Angeles for a long time.

We watched as they used Skype to check how things were on the home front and expressed loneliness. It might have been a factor in Maria's emotional swings that unnerved Lexine.

Update: Asia is safe for one more week, the girl has nine lives

It's one thing to critique your daughter's dance moves as she is being coached by a choreographer, but it's another to threaten to take her home before she even performs for Abby and the judges.

It got to that point with Maria who seemed to sense the end was near for Lexine. She was right.

Abby Lee Miller told her, "It's not your night," meaning goodbye and thanks for the memories. The little girls dissolve into tears as they are told they didn't measure up, in front of a live audience at the Los Angeles Theater.

No one can blame them, but it is the tears shed by the others who remain in the contest that are wonderful to see.

It means that these young ladies have bonded despite competing against each other. If only the moms could get along.

Asia, the six-year old dynamo with the energy of a windup toy that never stops, lived to fight yet another week.

Her facial expressions demonstrate her full engagement in interpreting the choreography and her body movements are fearless, even if not perfect..

For a six year-old to be able to maintain that level of concentration is astounding.

She isn't the most skilled of the dancers left in the competition, but how could she be? The remaining girls are anywhere from four to seven years older than Asia, yet she is just what the judges want to see when they look at the overall package presented by each dancer.

Yvette the troublemaker had a second week of her daughter Hadley landing in the bottom two after all was said and done.

It's made her a bit less problematic as she starts to concentrate more on her daughter's survival rather than the demise of Asia and all others who might succeed.

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Submitted by toosly4u (not verified) on
I hate to say this...but it's way over time that Asia be sent home!! Don't get me wrong but I've watch this show since it started and week after week you hear all the judges making comments about Asia's bending knees, kinked ankles, and sloppy dance techniques, YET she stays. I think the show was designed to find the best dancer and it's forgotten that. We really need to stop making judgements on cuteness and facial expressions and judge fairly by dance performance. Briana won that dance off by techniques hands down. I'm not sure why Asia remains while others that are better dancers have been sent home! I'm shocked Abby's allowing the judges to vote against best performer in exchange for character, and even more shocked she's forgetting her own standards!

Submitted by fran (not verified) on
i agree its been long overdue to send asia home - jordan was much better dancer and should have stayed on its about dancing - not facial expressions - asia is not a good dancer and i dont enjoy watching her

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