Monster moms eat their own on Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition,

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Week two of Abby's new reality show, the Ultimate Dance Competition had a theme: Monsters of the Night. There were plenty to go around among the dance moms themselves.

Lifetime's new reality show featuring the popular yet scary Abby Lee Miller, of Dance Moms fame, got down to business quickly in last week's debut.

Eliminated was contestant Tessa based on nothing close to what Abby said would be the deciding factor. Read: Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition, it's not about technique.

The latest episode found new ways to eliminate the next unlucky dancer.

Update: Watch the development of Moms Yvette, Kristy and Shayna's titanic battle

Preliminary round.

The preliminary challenge round prize was a solo number during the dance routine of the night, the theme of which was "Monsters of the Night".

Monsters were aplenty and viewers didn't have to look past the mothers of the contestants. With a week of so under their belts together, they have sized each other up and are fearless about confrontation.

Last week, Elisabeth's mom Erin began to inject her sad divorce tale into the competition when her daughter used it as an excuse for not being mentally prepared.

It was the same this week and battle lines were drawn over the antics. It bled over into criticism of the young girl who seemed to be constantly in tears.

When Jordyn was chosen as the winner of the challenge she was told to pick another dancer to get his or her own solo. She chose Zack, the only boy in the contest and was clear that in that way, no girl would outshine her. Mom taught her well.

Monsters of the Night.

Within moments of the prelim ending, Hadlley's mother Yvette, who is particularly nasty and sees Elisabeth as competition made a crack about Elisabeth's "fake hair", referring to her extensions. It brought on another round of crying and bad blood rising in the group.

Lines were being drawn over who hated Yvette and those who thought 13 year-old Elisabeth was too old for crying jags like that.

Cat claws emerged and Yvette got into it with another mom over the hair extension ridicule, all in the midst of costume decorations.

In the meantime, the dancers were broken into groups of three to learn routines, while Jordyn and Zack got one-on-one training for their solos.

Once again, six year-old Asia struggled and Elisabeth couldn't keep from feeling blue. The competition began in earnest with a live audience at the Los Angeles Theater.

In the spooky hip hop number with Madison, Lexine and Tua, Madison got glowing reviews.

After watching the jazz-funk style "Vampire Mystique" with Kyleigh Jay, Amanda and Brianna, it was Brianna who the judges said exploded with character and was exciting.

Jordyn performed her lyrical style solo entitled "Bad Dreams". It was short but not too sweet. Abby said she'd "have a nightmare" after watching it. Jordyn heard about it from her mother Kelly who read her daughter the riot act.

Zack s solo was next, entitled "Ghost Story" in a musical theater style. Abby said: "Your dancing technically is incredible, blowing away the girls."

Next up were Hadley, Asia and Elisabeth doing a Michael Jackson-inspired number. Abby remarked: "Hadley, hats off to you, I was impressed with you. Elisabeth you were great, all good. Asia, you didn't come to life, I think the two others smoked you."

Nasty mom, Yvette got to gloat on two counts. 1) Asia's mom is her nemesis and might be going home with her daughter and, 2) Jordyn's choice of Zack backfired because his solo clearly outshone hers.

Who went home?

Abby Lee Miller and two judges (Richy Jackson and Robin Antin) agreed that Elisabeth, Hadley and Tua were among the ten dancers who survived, as were their combative mothers. Kyleigh Jay was sent home after a bad showing.

We get to see the Monster Moms again in next week's new episode of Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition, Tuesday night on Lifetime at 9:00 p.m. ET. Image: Lifetime

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