Adriana Lima, Super Bowl commercial sweetheart [VIDEO]

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Supermodel Adriana Lima is starring in a teaser for a Kia ad that runs for five minutes and consists of her waving a checkered flag. Fans of Lima are flag waving for her latest Super Bowl ads.

Ms. Lima came to the attention of Super Bowl fans the last time the New England Patriots played the New York Giants in Super Bowl XLII. It was 2008 and the lovely Victoria's Secret Angel gained many of her own fans that day.

Victoria's Secret decided to return to advertising during the big game and chose Lima to star in the commercial. Perhaps the Giants are hoping for a bit tie-in luck as they prepare for the showdown in Indy on Sunday.

We know that the Giants defenders are ready, having spoken up at media sessions about putting some fear into Tom Brady the last time the teams met during the season. The Giants pulled out a close win after their QB Eli Manning threw for two fourth quarter touchdowns.

Bill Belichick is making sure his team is well rehearsed, even down to the level of interrupting pre-game practices this week to insert a half-time break to simulate the long one to come when Madonna is performing for the crowd. Read: Belichick's special pre-Super Bowl coaching

Adriana Lima is married to an athlete, just not a football player. Marko Jaric, a pro basketball player who hails from Serbia is the lucky man who got her to the altar in 2009. Later that year the couple had a child -- a girl named Valentina.

Lima's commercial work for this year's Super Bowl is on behalf of automotive company Kia as well as, who is throwing in a 20% discount for an online order for those that see the commercial and input the discount code when prompted.

There has been a bit of criticism about Teleflora's message which is very simple. Men who give their ladies the right gift on Valentine's Day will be rewarded in return.

Kia's ad also features Motley Crue and Chuck Liddell in a commercial that compares what a man might dream about and what he gets in his real life. But it's the flag-waving teaser that has garnered a lot of buzz.

It consists of nothing but Lima in sky-high heels and a revealing one piece swimsuit waving a checkered flag on what appears to be a racetrack. The action is in slow motion for maximum effect accompanied by soft music. NASCAR fans should be very happy.

It runs for five minutes, somewhat like the Yule log screens that are popular for the Christmas holiday. If you don't mind repetition and staring at Lima it will be one of your favorites. Image: Wikimedia/David Shankbone

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