Airport 24/7: Miami on Travel, a sneak peek

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Travel Channel's documentary-reality series premieres Tuesday October 2. In an upcoming episode, a hijack situation is front and center at Miami International Airport.

Travel Channel's latest original program Airport 24/7: Miami kicks off its run tomorrow night with back-to-back episodes introducing MIA, an airport classified by Homeland Security in Category X.

That means it is at high risk for terrorist attacks and in the third episode, to air on Tuesday October 9 a SWAT team is ready to greet an incoming aircraft after it transmitted a hijack code.

The series is billed by Travel Channel as " all-access pass inside the intense and dramatic world of Miami International Airport, told through larger-than-life characters whose jobs it is to keep one of America's largest airports running around the clock."

Ever wonder how it all works with passengers coming and going, aircraft arriving and departing while order is maintained around it all?

That's what the series is for, along with an exclusive look behind the scenes at split second decisions made by security, law enforcement and airport operations officers. Video posted below demonstrates some of the action in the premiere episodes.

There is a unique personal tilt to the series with much time devoted to following Senior Operations Agent Heidi Anthony, dubbed "Your Princess In Shining Armor".

Ms Anthony's career at Miami International spans twenty years and her unique quality to identify with and help MIA's many passengers makes her the go-to person for high level customer service.

It even extends to Heidi's personal residence where she has been known to take a stranded passenger.

Racing someone through security to make a flight and finding lost kids also come under her umbrella of duties.

Anthony's activities are highlighted against the back drop of typical and non-typical daily occurrences.

In the October 9 episode, the SWAT team's response to the hijack code is heightened when it meets the aircraft and the pilot refuses to open the door, as Heidi Anthony helps attend to 600 passengers from two flights attempting to check-in simultaneously.

She and fellow operations agent Darius Bradshaw arrive on the scene only to face a mob of angry passengers.

Airport 24/7:Miami
is bound to give viewers a more well-rounded picture of why things go awry when they travel and demystify some of the unfathomable and exhausting security rituals passengers are now forced to endure.

Image: Travel Channel - Miami International Airport

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