American Hoggers finale: was it fake?

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American Hoggers wrapped up its season Wednesday night on A&E and the Campbells supposedly triumphed in a winner-take-all contest against the dreaded Creek gang, but did they?

When we last left our American Hoggers, Jerry, Krystal, Robert and Lea were reeling from the inability to finish customer jobs and losing others.

Krystal the Pistol had almost severed her thumb and was out of commission with a huge cast on her right hand. Dad Jerry's physical handicaps became more of a problem and kept him from being of assistance to Robert and Lea.

Ranger, the Campbells' lead hound was lost for a day and not only made it impossible to efficiently catch hogs but also took Jerry to the brink of despair.

It was all played out alongside the decision of a bunch of competing hog hunters, the Ronnie Creek gang, to swoop down and take advantage by stealing customers from the family and hurting their ability to stay afloat.

In the first of the back-to-back season finale shows, "The End is Near..." the Creeks were again in competition with Jerry to get a big job done for a pig farmer. He feared he'd be out of business if one wild hog infected his animals with a virus of any sort.

The customer decided the problem was so big that he'd hire both teams and pay them for what they caught.

It was the ego rising in Jerry's spine, despite being one worker down and his own condition worsening that drove him to make a bet with Ronnie Creek.

Whoever caught the most hogs would earn the whole pot, not just their share. Jerry must have bden having flashbacks to when he ruled the roost in his part of Texas and his family had to deal with the bet when Creek happily accepted the proposition.

The horror stories began and just continued. Jerry maintained his stubborn and clueless ways with driving his Jeep, then Lea's ATV. He got both stuck on uneven terrain.

Lea's was driven too close to a tree stump that ripped the oil pan from the bottom of the ATV, leaving it without oil and ready to burn up after Jerry kept trying to get it going.

Jerry kept falling on the least bit of uneven ground and was as useless with two hands as daughter Krystal was one, when she tried to fire a gun with her good hand and failed.

The Creeks kept racking up the big scores and gloating in that disgusting way they have. Krystal came up with a plan to thwart the Creeks and it worked.

In "Piston Whipped" the Campbells herded the hogs into heavily shrubbed terrain that the Creek's ATV wouldn't be able to manage.

As a result, hogs were being caught like mad on the final day of the assignment for Jerry and company, while the Creeks were whining like babies.

The series ended with the Campbells winning the money, but it seemed fake.

Instead of us learning how many hogs Jerry's family caught with that late push on the final day, we were left to wait until the cameras caught Jerry handing a wad of cash to the kids.

If you had been keeping track, it was hard to come up with a total figure of hogs that pushed Jerry over the top. What did it seem like to you?

While it appears all is well in American Hoggers' land, it just doesn't feel like more than a way to keep the show going another season, if in fact it will be picked up by A&E.

Fans: please add your two cents, or three, or four in the comments section below.

American Hoggers will be in replay on A&E and if you need to catch up on any episodes you missed, read them here at HULIQ or check out the show's website, here.

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Submitted by Hot, Bothered, ... (not verified) on
The only clue to confirm that the Campbells won was when Sissy Creek drove by the cameras at the very end of the show. He disappointingly shouted something about how he'd beat the Campbells next time. The tone of his voice suggested that he lost. He certainly wasn't gloating over victory. Did I get that right? I think that in order to maintain suspense and interest, and to avoid an anticlimactic ending, <b>the producers deliberately omitted footage</b> of Jerry boasting his winning numbers. That way it was a surprise for everyone when he later drove up to his crew and pulled the big wad of cash out of his breast pocket.

That Ronnie Creek muttered he'd win the next time. If it was fixed for the Campbells Creek would have been in on it. It's show biz after all. I just found it suspicious since we'd been shown the Campbells losing to the Creeks the last time without any omitted footage of the end result.

Submitted by Heartland Pork (not verified) on
I'll have to watch the episodes again but I do remember being shocked that the Creek crew only caught 15 hogs (IIRC). They caught 5 small hogs at one time and at another point they caught 3 hogs in a manner of 5 minutes. At one point Jerry said his team was down by 6 hogs and then we're shown footage of the Creek boys taking a break to eat sausage and cheese. Then the Campbells follow Krystal's plan with great success, I could easily believe they caught more than 15 hogs in the end. At the same time I thought that the competition might end up in a tie, if so they'd probably split the money. But why not show the competition result and state the Campbell's numbers? Who knows and if they did lose A&E probably would have given them cash to show anyway while paying or at least asking Mr. Creek to do his drive-by "Lucky Campbells" comment like he did. I mean the Creek crew got a ton of free exposure on the show which has or at least will help their business in the future. Does anyone know if the Campbells have received compensation from A&E or advertisers? Having your own TV show for television exposure is great but one would have to think they'd get some small payday nonetheless.

I gave up trying to count the number the Campbells were behind prior to Krystal's great idea. If Jerry had a higher number what would have been the purpose of not letting cameras film the scene where the two settle up? Suspense? Sure except it could have had the same effect had that been the payoff rather than the wad of cash being handed to the kids. Nonetheless, while I was disappointed with that awkward and questionable ending, I'm happy the Campbells live to fight another day.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I noticed that Krystal could not help that last day, because her cast had not come off, but then they went home to wait for Jerry. But when Jerry came back with the cash, Krystal did NOT have a cast on! Hmmmm. It also seems to me that the dialogue is fake, like its all acting, not real.

about the cast. Which means cash scene happened weeks later or it didn't take weeks to remove cast like Krystal said it would. Either way, it's suspicious.

Submitted by Hawgwild (not verified) on
Just reviewed the episode on my DVR and sure enough Krystals cast is not on or any bandages at the end of the episode when Jerry is saying you never bet against a Campbell. Very Dissapointed really enjoyed thsi show and now its been ruined for me, by it being totally fake!!!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I would just like to point out a few hokey things I noticed throughout the entire second season. In "Over The Hill" when Jerry rolls his jeep, the camera angle is filming his jeep in such a way as to where you never actually see Jerry behind the wheel just before,and after it rolls on it's side. As if it was intentionally rolled with no Jerry in it. Then, he slide his fat ass back into his Jeep and began yelling for help! Hell, even the cameraman didn't stop to help him! When righted, he took off again despite having a blown out right front tire that occurred during the roll over scene. On "Pistol Whipped" Krystal comes back from the doctor to meet the crew out in the field. After she exits the pickup, there is a one second shot where she has her sling on her left arm!! Not her broken right side! I think this show is 50 percent scripted. I could mention other hokey scenes, but you get the idea.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
You are mistaken about the sling being on her left arm. It was on her right the entire time except for a short shot where she had her arm out of it but at no time was it on her left.


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