'American Hoggers' Krystal vs. Robert on the Texas plains

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When Jerry Campbell handed the business to son Robert angering daughter Krystal, no one expected squabbling that would include physical abuse on the job.

During American Hoggers' second episode of its new season, "When Push Comes to Shove", we saw sibling rivalry boil over during work hours.

Jerry Campbell realized he had reached the point where his kids were the stronger force in his hog hunting business, after he turned his Jeep over during a hunt. Read: Jerry Campbell gets dose of reality.

Krystal "Pistol" Campbell, 23 got passed over by her father when he chose one of his two kids to succeed him as prime decision maker. Robert, 26 seems to have let it go to his head.

Krystal and Jen Penick, the other hog hunter on the team were bemoaning the patriarchal system that dominates the culture in their part of Texas.

Why wasn't Krystal even considered for the lead role? There was no discussion among the family members about the pros and cons at least that the A&E cameras used.

Would co-leadership have worked? Hard to believe it would if you watched the backbiting worthy of a daytime soap opera.

Tempers flared when the four-member team showed up at a new customer's property to sell the hog hunters' services. The four-member team of Jerry, Robert, Krystal and Jen were split in half to conduct the meeting.

Jerry told the women to sit tight as he and Robert spoke to the man who owned the property. What was an already sensitive situation just got worse at that point.

Unfortunately for Krystal, her attempts to prove herself worthy were futile. She had horse problems. One grew skittish when a hog chase began in earnest, keeping her from the scene completely.

The other had not been sufficiently broken in to the rough terrain. The animal threw a shoe early in a day's hunt forcing Krystal to sit in the Jeep with Jerry. He had warned her about that possibility and she refused to believe it.

Despite that, nothing can excuse Robert's use of force on his sister. He literally threw her out of the way on two occasions when she and Jen were subduing a hog.

He justified his behavior by saying it would take too long for the ladies to finish and there was plenty more work to do. Jerry agreed although he didn't see the pushing and shoving, spouting one of his many cliches about what it's like to wait around for women.

If the anger and nastiness continue it's hard to see how business won't be affected. Even Jen isn't sure it will be a good job any longer.

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A&E airs new episodes of American Hoggers each Wednesday night starting at 10:00 p.m.with replays throughout the week. Image: Wikimedia Commons

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